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#334103 How to have a good experience at a week-long photo event?

Posted by jjoy on 10 July 2013 - 10:27 AM

Well, I can answer my question somewhat.  What I might have done differently:

-Lined up some photos I wanted help with in Lightroom out of my small & meager catalog before I got there, with clear & concise issues/questions (Be prepared to be wowed by those who know Lightroom!)

-Think more about what I would want to demo (now I wished I would have tried something like a subsea +10, etc.)

-Store up some sleep, it's a go-go-go week!

-Open your mind, ask questions, everyone was so helpful and nice

-Be willing to dump what works for you to try new things and don't get hung up on the contest part (if there is one)


Otherwise, I had a blast and I found out that despite my lack of experience in so many ways (not that many dives, trips or even use of my camera) you can do well in the contest part, but beyond that I learned a ton and would totally do something like this again.  I was sort of wishy-washy on the whole contest thing, but being forced to proof my photos every day (select, sort and chose) was actually a good exercise for me.   I should apply that discipline more often to my work.


I love underwater photos so it was a pleasure to see what other people produced and also to hope to be like them someday (especially in wide angle which I do not have the hang of yet at all)!