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Terrible Hugyfot housing support and parts

28 July 2015 - 04:17 AM

Anyone have any joy dealing with Hugyfot?

The circuit board for my Canon 5D mk11 housing has corroded, for the second time. They were answering emails but they sent me the wrong circuit board despite sending them 4 photos of it. The one they sent me out didn't even have the chip on it that had previously corroded and now ,unless I just use it with out the vaccum check, can not use my housing. You kind of get used to having that security of knowing it is not going to leak.

They accepted my money and sent the part out fast enough but now I am trying to get hold of them to get the correct part they are not answering any emails.. I have sent multiple emails to both Chris and Sven but get nothing back. To say it is annoying would be an understatement as it is now been 2 weeks, which is 2 weeks lost being able to take pictures.

Anyone else have the same experience with them? It is a real shame as I like their housings but with their support being this bad it is hard to imagine getting another one when I change my camera in a few months time.

Anyone know what the post sales support is like with Subal or Seacam?