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In Topic: Red Sea South 4K

Today, 01:21 AM

Hmmm, not my area of expertise - I'm sure someone with more knowledge will chip-in - but you should be able to upload a URL link to the video if you have it posted on one of the video sites: Vimeo or whatever.


Just copy and paste the link to your post.

In Topic: Equipment for sale

Yesterday, 01:38 PM

Those sort of problems are not at all unusual when you're starting out. It isn't the easiest of skills to master and it takes time and patience. Initial frustration seems to me to be the norm.

I guess the important thing is are you having fun - or do you think you might?

In Topic: UW Model Photo: Fisheye or Rectilinear WA Lens?

Yesterday, 07:43 AM

 Not sure how the wife would see a new lens on our bank statement be like though [emoji16]

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Always trying to help.... 


I thought these may be useful too in thinking this through.....


Option A: "It's an investment, honey". 

Option B: "This lens will make you look even more stunning, honey"

Option C: "Man, you would not believe the deal I got on this! I would have been crazy to pass up on it".

Option D: "New lens? Really???? Hmmm, no, that must be the one I got [x] months ago".

Option E: "New lens? No, that'll be a typo. I can't tell you what it is what with Xmas coming AND your birthday, honey".

Option F: "Yes, I have bought a new lens. And your point is?"


Option F is, of course, the high risk strategy.... 


Good luck with it Msorougi. If you do decide that rectilinear might be the way to go, do check out the dome issue as they can be tricky to house successfully (or maybe I should say at a reasonable price!) with good edge-to-edge sharpness.

In Topic: Brand new Ikelite Sony a7 housing Issues.

Yesterday, 02:51 AM

Wow, this really doesn't sound good, Trent. How annoying.


Once a camera is out of alignment in a housing - even slightly - my experience has been that it causes all kinds of problems with subtle, continuous pressures on camera buttons. All sorts of freaky camera things happen and increase as the water pressure gets greater with depth.


Really hope Ikelite can get this sorted out for you. As you say, if not, what is their return policy?!?!


Keep us posted eh?

In Topic: Fish eye

08 December 2016 - 11:13 PM

Check out the Sigma 15mm, Joe.


I've been using one on my Nikon D800 (full frame) for the last few years and it is now my automatic go-to WA lens.


They are, by my experience, much easier to house/port than rectilinear lenses and terrific for shots with models or close-ups of reef sticky-out bits, e.g. Gorgonians, soft corals. And half/halfs.


Definitely worth a look