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Yesterday, 11:46 PM

You can take a lad out of Manchester, but you can never take Manchester out of the lad?


I think if I supported Spurs I'd move to LA.... from one dreamland to another, eh?




Best wishes, mate!

In Topic: Ultralight parts for sale

Yesterday, 12:47 PM

Hey Bill


As usual you chaps in the US have all the luck.... comparing Ultralight prices in the US against the UK, its pretty much $1 = £1. A $34.95 clamp in the US is a cool £34.99 in the UK. So the selling prices I have advertised are a fair deal if you are in Europe. But no so much if you are in the US!


Remind me to stock up next time in the US....   :pardon:


But it's not all about the cost, Bill. I'm a really nice guy to do business with. You'll end up delighted.... less money in your pocket maybe, but delighted nevertheless.

In Topic: Ultralight parts for sale

Yesterday, 10:59 AM

Thanks, Bill!


Wow, that's WAY cheaper than in the UK. I'll recheck though!

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26 November 2014 - 03:26 AM


In Topic: Give your feedback on buyers/sellers

25 November 2014 - 03:22 AM

Hey folks


I've just been contacted by a Philip Kirby (philipkirby39@gmail.com) about buying gear I have on sale. 


Mr Kirby said he worked offshore and because of internet problems could not easily access bank accounts etc. Cut a long story short, I have received a couple of quite convincing "PayPal" emails relating to this transaction which, thankfully, I checked and which Paypal tell me are not genuine.


I will leave it to your good-selves to draw conclusions.