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Yesterday, 08:06 AM

Nice! Lovely job.

In Topic: Best soft gear bag for traveling

18 September 2014 - 02:06 AM

Moving gear around has become quite a dilemma.


Although both the ThinkTank roller bags (and the Pelican 1510) fit inside the normal airline cabin bag dimensions, for one or two airlines the actual weight of the bag exceeds their weight limit!  A couple of airlines operating out of the UK have a 5kg cabin bag limit. Slightly more have a 10kgs limit. On a recent trip I found that my Pelican 1510 plus a Subal housing on its own weighed 12kgs!


It has become a case of "load the bag and prey" when you get to check-in especially with the more budget airlines which operate to the dive locations in, e.g. Egypt's Red Sea. Like many, I now have a jacket with me which has loads of pockets which can, hopefully, soak up gear if the dreaded "over weight" command is issued. I find this has all become quite a stressful experience.


So the search for light-weight but sturdy cabin and travel bags has become a bit of a quest for the Holy Grail. Like the trickster, I'm keeping an eye out for a light-weight cabin bag which, in my case, could take the Pelican 1510 insert. That should save 4kgs.


Interestingly, when I was the dive manager in a resort which specialised in serious photographers, increasingly guests - who were very experienced divers - wanted to hire gear to reduce the amount of stuff they were lugging.

In Topic: D300 to 7d Mk II Good Idea?

17 September 2014 - 11:45 AM

Tim,  I understand what you're saying.  Hoping I could sell things that I no longer could use (not only DX's).  Probably for not for a lot of $$ due to age, but any amount would help.  I'm also hoping for good video with a new camera (D300 has none).  I've generally heard that Canon has better video than Nikon for this level camera.  For me at this stage it's more about features & a few more pixels than brand.  Like to stay with Nikon but.........


You're correct that a new lens package would be a big part of a brand change.  New bodies, housing, maybe ports & misc costs would be similar for either brand.



Hehehe, you just want some new toys  :mocking:  And why not?!?!? Good for you  :crazy:

Enjoy the hunt - and the buying!

In Topic: D300 to 7d Mk II Good Idea?

17 September 2014 - 08:43 AM

Hi jcclink


Don't you have cash tied up in DX lenses? Isn't there an investment that you might lose if you switch to Canon? 


To my way of thinking there really isn't much difference between Canon and Nikon. They're both excellent. I'd argue it generally comes down to which feels better in your hand. And then how much have you already invested in lenses and other accessories. If you no longer like the feel of Nikon, move on.... 


Have you checked out the D7000 series? I read they are great - and you could still use your DX.


But hey, I'm not a Nikon shareholder. Although maybe I should be!

In Topic: Port for Nikon 16-35 on a Subal Housing

17 September 2014 - 07:44 AM

Hi Tim,


With regard to the port itself, I have read (somewhere on the net) the same thing, i.e, the impact of port length on image quality.  It was an interesting article, discussing the impact the distance between the dome and the lens has on image quality.  If I can find it again, I will post a link.


I watched the presentation Alex Mustard did with regard to domes and minidomes with great interest.  I also found his information on apertures used with WA rectilinear lenses to be interesting as well. 


There is always something to learn with regard to UW photography.





Ain't that the truth! And just when you think you have it sorted, someone brings along another wheeze....