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In Topic: For FX: Nikon 17-35mm or 16-35mm

29 June 2015 - 05:39 AM

[t-quote name="adamhanlon" post="362742" timestamp="1435584822"]

Sorry..... :)
It is good choice with a 9" dome though.
Adam, we should just give TighLInes a bunch of reasons why he should buy that Nikkor 20mm.....
It was such a good deal; it was the last one in the shop/the city/on the planet; I can sell my old [fill in details] for more than the cost of this one; it's lighter weight, think of the money I'll save in baggage charges; yes, this one is the new Eco-lens - it's made  in an environmentally neutral way - I'm saving the planet; what new lens; I've always wanted a 20mm lens since i was [complete age]. 
I'm sure Fabian can chip in. He's an expert at this.

In Topic: how to shoot macro subject in moving bubbles?

29 June 2015 - 05:34 AM

Wow, very cool image but, yeah, somehow, all bit perfect.... take a bow, Photoshop?


Bubbles rise pretty quickly so you'd have to shoot at high speed or with a strobe. You'd need to find too the right background - monocolour coral. 60mm macro lens? 


Naah, it's just too perfect. Fun though. I might give that a try.....

In Topic: Best Tablet, Light Weight device for travel?

29 June 2015 - 03:54 AM

Anyone has yet got the new MacBook? Any feedback when running LR and maybe Premiere Pro?
With an iPad set as a second screen it would a nice kit using those software when traveling.

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I've got the 2014 MacBook Pro, 256GB SSD drive, 8GB RAM. I've got LR on it but not PP.


It works really well with LR no problem - and I'm loading D800 sized RAW files on to it all the time - copying them to an external HD. Works a treat.


I used to have the machine Paul refers to (I got mine in 2010) - and he is spot on, there is a huge change between it and the 2014 MBP model: lighter, thinner and faster. I was going to buy a MBAir but the dealer persuaded me that for serious photo use, the new MBP would be a better buy and was not that much bigger/heavier. It was wise advice.


No problem travelling it with and it flashes up, closes down and runs nice and speedily.

In Topic: Diopter

29 June 2015 - 01:02 AM



I'm using a Nikkor 105mm micro on an FX body. Just by way of comparison, the 105mm can focus as close as 1' = .314m and I can get this without a diopter..... 


If you are using the 85mm on a DX you should be good to go without a diopter. Even on an FX body you shouldn't really need one especially as with FX you can usually crop a bit to tighten the image.


Should be no problem using AF with a diopter DX or FX.





In Topic: Process the natural color out?

28 June 2015 - 09:30 PM



Yeah, I think that works better but, as I said, it's such a personal thing!


If you are looking for further tweaks, i'd try and tone down the yellowish ?sea squirt in the upper left corner. It's a bit of a distraction drawing the viewer's eye (well, this one at least) from the eye of the coral shrimp to the sea squirt.


But I understand completely you might not want to remove/reduce something that is a natural part of the image.


As I said before, nice pic. I think you did well with this as coral shrimps are always tricky being as they are often hanging upside down in some dimly light crevice.