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In Topic: 5mm wetsuit that says warm topside

Yesterday, 01:18 PM

Hey Chris


Have you thought of a tropical weight dry suit? I've never used one but a regular guest at the resort I used to manage swore by them and always used one in the Lembeh Straits where it was 29 degrees usually. He said he could stay as warm as toast both above and below the surface and didn't suffer overheating problems when on the boat.


I know Bermuda well and can certainly appreciate the issue - and then there is the massive water temperature variation between summer and winter. A summer weight wetsuit for the summer and a good jumpsuit underneath in winter might work well. 

In Topic: Ideal set up for D7100 and Inon z240

Yesterday, 12:56 PM

Hi Simon


I use Z240 strobes with my D800 and TTL all the time with optical cables. I really like it and think it much better than when I used the same strobes with Sea&Sea cables electrically with my D300 system.


I find the TTL is very good - especially on macro., But even with wide angle it seems to work fine!


As Irbis suggests, you might find you need to dial-down the +/- setting a little if the strobe(s) is/are overwhelmingly powerful. But, for me at least, this was a one-off setting change and once I had it calibrated right, there was no need to adjust further.

In Topic: Bouyancy questions on Nauticam D810 rig

26 November 2015 - 12:47 PM



VR definitely "off" underwater. 

In Topic: Bonaire Shrimp?

23 November 2015 - 12:32 PM

Good one! I've done that Peppermintshrimp hunt many times in Bonaire but never seen the likes of this bad boy.....



In Topic: Bouyancy questions on Nauticam D810 rig

18 November 2015 - 12:45 PM



I don't use Nauticam but my Subal system won't be so different.


You'll probably find you have to play around a bit to get it perfect - depending on how picky you are. The 105mm port and system will be less buoyant than the domeport and Nikkor 16-35. I have Stix on my 5" and 8" arms (both sides) and this makes, for me, a 230 dome port with Nikkor 16-35mm slightly negatively buoyant. If I let go of the rig it will drift slowly down. I don't find I have the problem that some people report of "twisting" with pressure on their wrists as the domeport tries to turn dome-side up..


The macro is less buoyant, as I say, and that will definitely sink if I let it go. But, have to say, this does't bother me much and I don't switch floats between wide-angle and macro.