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In Topic: High quality less expensive sync cords?

18 November 2017 - 07:52 AM

Fair enough Bogdan!

In Topic: High quality less expensive sync cords?

16 November 2017 - 02:13 AM

I've used the Nauticam to Inon sync cords in the past, but I'm wondering whether something less expensive would offer similar quality/reliability. Has anyone had experience (positive or negative) about the Howshot fiber optic sync cords? They are about 1/2 the price of the Nauticam option.  


Have you tried making them? This was discussed a couple of years ago and might be worth a search. You can buy the various component parts and the fibre cable. I've not tried it but it sounded simple...... 

In Topic: Sony A6500 & Nauticam NA - A6500 housing - HELP

14 November 2017 - 09:24 AM

Hi Stephen


Sorry I can't comment on the Sea & Sea as I've never used them but I'm sure others will chip in; and if you do a search on the strobe forum you should find plenty of info. I think there have been comments as to reliability of the YS-D2.


As to using one strobe, it depends what kind of photog you are planning to do. One strobe for macro is fine - two is better of course! For wide-angle two strobes is much better but if you compose your pics bearing in mind you have only one strobe, it's perfectly doable. You would need to balance the ambient light whilst you use the strobe, for example, on one close-by feature of the reef structure which you can then highlight. It can be a very effective technique.


You can always buy a second strobe later - but do bear in mind that it makes good sense to have a matching pair of strobes. This makes balancing or varying power output from one side to the other much easier - as both strobes have the same basic output.


It's worth looking through the Wetpixel classifieds. A few Inon Z240s have been for sale on there recently.

In Topic: Sony A6500 & Nauticam NA - A6500 housing - HELP

14 November 2017 - 08:14 AM

I am right there with you. I'm new to the whole underwater photography scene as well and I just purchased a new Sony A6500 and Nauticam 6500 housing as well. Unfortunately for me I have just left the US for my 40 days of SE Asia diving and I wasn't advised I should have bought the M14 or M16 vacuum seal. I found a great location in Makati, Jovic the owner is doing his best to get everything rushed to the store prior to our flight Saturday morning. Does anyone have a suggestion for a good strobe with a self contained battery?

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Hey Stephen


As Chris explains, strobes generally come with rechargeable battery packs (eg Ikelite) or replaceable (eg AA) batteries: like Inons as Chris suggests.


Whether you go with one or the other depends as much on the type of strobes you want - and their use - rather than, I'd suggest, the type of battery they use.


If you do get down to battery pack choice, there are couple of things to think about: AA batteries are easy to replace, easily available and, if you buy rechargeables (Enelooops are usually recommended) are cheap to run. Chargers tend to be small and compact. 


The rechargeable Ikelite-style battery packs are generally heavier, possibly more powerful, need separate chargers and, if they pack up, are expensive to replace.


But as you'll see in this forum, some folks swear by Ikelite strobes, some by Inons. Retra strobes which are on the point of being released might be the new favourite.


Strobes are one of the few items of u/w gear that folk, generally, don't change that often (unlike housings and camera bodies). So they are worth putting some thought into - and some investment. Get a good set of strobes and good arms (check out ULCS for example) and you should be good to go with that part of your setup for years. 

In Topic: Shooting Experience - Oly 30mm vs. 60mm Macro Lenses

10 November 2017 - 01:25 AM

Terrific shot of the whip coral goby, Fabio. That has to be one of the nicest I've seen.