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In Topic: my half-life as an underwater photographer

Yesterday, 09:37 AM

A terrific collection, Tim. Really nice work.

In Topic: Going from DX - 4/3s - FX - Compact, My Digital De-Evolution

22 May 2015 - 10:43 AM

I'm with you, Chris. I love the D800 and my Subal housing. Just superb. But, mercy, what a hassle when travelling  especially now I have gone with the larger dome for the Nikkor 16-35. I dread the whole check-in process!


But as you say, it'd be so hard to step down. Picking up eyu's comment a couple of posts back, shutter lag. I rest my case for staying with a DSLR and the D800. Almost. 


Would be very interested to hear how you get on with the LX100 stuff. Good luck with it.

In Topic: Why do you shoot underwater?

22 May 2015 - 02:41 AM

I'm not sure what you lads are taking up there in Lancaster, but here in Amsterdam I've just polished off an espresso....


I've never tried slow shutter twist n'roll. But it sounds amazing. I do know what you mean though. I've taken several pics where I've deliberately shot for just some small detail in a fish (fins of zebra lion fish are some of may favourite) because, for me, they capture the colour and beauty of the underwater world. For me they are pieces of art. I'm sure twist n'roll can be the same.


Are you/we enhancing natural beauty or distorting it? Who cares. Do you like what you have achieved? Does it give you pleasure? Isn't that what it's all about: creating something which brings you - and hopefully others - joy?


Totally agree on the art v sales thought. I can sell a woman-diver-on-a-wreck shot. But the incredible colours in a fin? Not so much. Maybe in the days of Athena Arts I might have..... So those are for me. Those are the ones that make me smile. But then I do smile when I see the woman-diver image sell.


Life eh? Grab an espresso, Adam.  :crazy:  Or is one man's espresso another man's Nescafe?

In Topic: Why do you shoot underwater?

21 May 2015 - 11:45 PM

Interesting thought, Adam.


But define "creative". Can't it all be a bit impressionistic? How we as individuals want to see something? What may seem an enhancement to one person might seem like manipulation to another? I'm sure we all have loads of pics which we think are great and creative and others think are rubbish or "unrealistic". You might like van Gogh but hate Picasso. They are both done with a brush and a paint set. And an idea.


I think I might have to go and lie down after writing that. Or have another espresso.


I'm always delighted when someone sees one of my images and does the Wow-thing.  Even better if they want to buy a copy. So it has to be sharing.....

In Topic: Going from DX - 4/3s - FX - Compact, My Digital De-Evolution

21 May 2015 - 06:42 AM

Hey thanks for sharing this. I read your piece which is fascinating especially the way you broke this down into the pros and cons.


I lug around a chunky FX DSLR system. In terms of bits and pieces, I think I have got it down as "compact" as possible having ditched the nice-to-haves for just the essentials. But it is still heavy and voluminous and there have been several times when I wondered why I was going to so much trouble.


The problem is when you see the quality of the image, the colour saturation etc.... the FX system oozes quality. And I wonder if I would truly be satisfied if I couldn't get that.


I have thought several times about switching to 4/3 but, for the moment at least, hold off.  


You've given me more food for thought. Dammit.