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In Topic: Am I crazy for spending this much money for being so new to this

Today, 06:10 AM

Yeah, I know that feeling of the craziness of it all - I suspect we all do.


The problem seems to be - to me at least - that if you are serious about the images you want to get, it is going to cost you money. There is no getting away from that proposition. You can get good images with a P/S if you persist and understand what the camera can deliver. But they are limiting. So for many of us - well, me anyway, the limitations soon become a frustration: for example, slowness in gaining focus, the lack of an optical viewfinder and the impact of that, short battery life.....


There is good advice here about buying with the future in mind: strobes and arms especially. If you are a serious photographer I suspect you would get frustrated pretty quickly if the gear does not allow you the freedom of action that you want. So spending a relatively larger amount of money is not so crazy. What would be crazy - to me anyway - would be buying "cheap" and then regretting it. Buy cheap, buy twice?


I'd agree with the guys too on the view of going for an aluminium housing.


As for the one strobe, two strobe argument: why not start with one and then add a second when you are ready? Only having one isn't going to slow you down as you progress and adding another is easy if you have the cash. But, as people suggest, get the gear that will grow with you. You mention DS160 strobes. I have no experience of them. But when I launched into buying my gear I was recommended to the Inon Z series - at the time it was the Z220 - and I have used them ever since (although now on the Z240) and they have never let me down - after 17 years. They have been a great investment and have easily kept pace with my own photo skills. 


So crazy? Yeah well we are all crazy combining diving and photography......

In Topic: Strobes intermittently firing

Today, 05:56 AM

Fingers crossed Grant. I always think those intermittent faults are either cable, gunk on the pins or improper positioning of the camera in the housing. And this doesn't sound like the later.

In Topic: Anemonefish eggs - help me do this better

Today, 05:55 AM

What's that saying, the more I play, the luckier I get.... ;-)


I can't remember what gear you use, troporobo, but with my old D300 system I used a Tokina 10-17 with the Kenko 1.4 converter for CFWA. It worked pretty well and I could pull of the shot I described. Not that I have ever seen eggs like that. But I did manage to shoot emerging flamboyant cuttlefish emerging from their sacs

In Topic: Anemonefish eggs - help me do this better

Today, 02:17 AM

Yeah, can sure see where you are coming from! But as for a solution..... hmmmm, how about CFWA? Could you shoot the eggs in the foreground with a anemonefish in the CFWA background? 

In Topic: swapping GS180 on subal

Yesterday, 11:41 AM

Yup, but it's gonna be a while before I properly test it out. Meanwhile I need to sort a few things out. A bayonet adapter connects my type-3 DP-100 and type-3 EXR-40 to the type-4 ND500, but oddly it won't fit my type-3 DP-FE which i really don't want to have to replace.


Build quality and ergonomics look good so far. Vacuum pump works and housing seems airtight, so that's a good start!





Curious on the adaptor and DP-FE. When I moved from my ND300 (Type 3) to an ND800 (Type 4) I used the adaptor for a while with the FP-105VR, a Zen 100 and the DP-FE2 without a problem. I found them a bit of a wrestle to fit initially but once in place, they were fine.