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Yesterday, 10:08 PM

I bought my GF some white fins. I WB off those.

LOL! Brilliant!

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Yesterday, 10:17 AM

Maybe I'm missing something. I've contacted Turtle and they have not yet been able to get their device to work with the 5D Mk4. The Nauticam unit does exist, but it seems to only fit their housing. I'm looking for a smaller unit like the V2 that will fit in nearly all housings. It seems that the V2 unit "is underdevelopment" for the 5D mk4, but it still isn't available. It's really terrible having money to spend, but not being able to...


First World problems, JQ.


I didn't know that the Turtle wouldn't (yet?) work with the 5DMk4. I'd only see that there was a Turtle for Canon. There might possibly be a way to get the Nauticam one to fit in another housing (some über-clever people in the Wetpixel crowd) Anyone know?

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Yesterday, 06:48 AM

This is all great information. But does anyone know how long the discrimination against Canon shooters will continue?  :angry2:



Canon? What's that??




(just kidding!)


Actually there is a Turtle for Canon; and don't Nauticam do a TTL system for their Canon housings. And the Subal V2 fits in a Canon housing too I assume...... so are you guys badly done by? Or am I missing something?

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25 April 2017 - 09:35 PM

Thanks, Elmer

Did you see much difference when you had to revert to using the pop-up to initiate the TTL?

The V2 photo is the same as the image on the Subal website. I assumed that the price advertised included the fibre optic cables. But maybe they are the "optical unit" Subal refer to at an additional cost of €120 on top of the V2 cost.

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25 April 2017 - 01:16 PM

Thanks Elmer

Yep, Turtle is indeed USB charged whilst the V2 has replaceable flat batteries. A quick read of the Turtle website - showing the new model - seems to indicate a pretty healthy battery live certainly beyond a day - I'd have thought.

I'd be really interested to know how you get on with the V2. Do you have the hot shoe connector already?