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Subal DP-FE port

Today, 04:04 AM

For sale: Subal DP-FE 8" dome port. Type 4 bayonet mount

Glass is in perfect condition. The usual minor scuffs on the port frame (see image). Includes neoprene port cover
Also available, Pelican 1400 case fitted with foam and cut for the DP-FE
And, unusually, a Type 3 mount if you wished to switch the domeport between a Type 3 or Type 4 housing.
Costs new:
DP-FE £970/€1135
Pelican case with foam £83/€95
Extra mount £249/€300
Neoprene cover £50/€60
Available for £775/€950 including shipping in the EU in the Pelican case
Shipping from Paris - usually takes 4-5 days to UK
Bank transfer preferred

Am I going soft: Nikkor 16-35mm

11 September 2014 - 05:37 AM

I'd welcome some advice from this august body of knowledge....


I've just got back from a cracking Red Sea trip using Emperor Diver's boat, Emperor Elite, on their South and St John itinerary. I've done over 1600 dives but 3-4 of the ones during this trip count in my top10. Superb. I can heartily recommend it. I've done a piece on Trip Adviser if anyone wants more detail.


Going through the images now on a large screen, I was surprised at how many of the WA shots had pretty soft edges. I'm using a Nikon D800 with the Nikkor 16-35, a Subal housing and, as recommended by Subal, the DP-FE4, a 90mm EXR and a +2 diopter. The diopter was straight on to the lens - I removed my usual UV filter first.


I'm attaching two images. One shows the whole scene and one shows a slice. Check out the softness on the left edge especially. Camera was set at 1/60, f9.0 ISO 200 and the lens is at 19mm. I used two Inon strobes to light the reef. The centres of the images are nice and sharp. But the edges, not so much.


I've upgraded from my D300 and Tokina 10-17mm and I'm still fairly new to the Nikkor 16-35 underwater.  Maybe I'm expecting too much?


Thoughts would be most welcome







For Sale: Subal Type3/4 port adaptor

14 July 2014 - 11:25 PM

I'm selling a Subal adaptor to use Type 3 Subal ports on a Type 4 Subal housing. The adaptor has done a dozen dives, is in perfect shape, boxed with instructions and Allen key. See photo.


If you are buying a new Subal housing and have opted for the new Type 4 port, you can use your existing Type 3 ports by using this adaptor. Easy to fit and once in place, it will not detach accidentally.


I'm looking for £30/$50/€37 plus shipping if outside the EU.


Please PM me if you are interested

Removing Subal viewfinder

05 July 2014 - 05:58 AM

Hey Folks


Grateful for some advice.


I'd like to remove my Subal 45-degree viewfinder to try and reduce the volume of the housing for travel. I've read it is straightforward to remove; and I have the Subal tool for doing this.


I assumed it was just a question of inserting the two prongs of the removal key into the two holes in the back of ring around the viewfinder (so inside the housing back plate) and turning the removal tool anti-clockwise. Either I am missing something or my daily trips to the gym are a waste of time, but I can't move what I assume is the locking ring. Maybe it was initially installed and tightened by Superman - or maybe pressure has tightened it. But I can't shift it. And before I am tempted to try even harder to turn it, I thought I'd just check!


So, to you guys who regularly remove your Subal viewfinders, is there any kind of trick - or should the locking ring "simply" unscrew anti-clockwise?







Red filter for Fisheye Fix HG20DX

01 June 2014 - 05:32 AM

Hey guys


Before I set my hand to making one, does anyone have a red filter attachment they no longer want for a Fisheye Fix HG20DX light?


I have the light but don't have the red filter for it.