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Fibre optics and TTL

21 December 2016 - 01:52 AM


I'd welcome your views and advice on an aspect of TTL and fibre optics.

I use my Nikon D800 built-in flash to fire my Inon Z240 strobes via fibre optic cables. It works well.

What are the advantages of using a different form of strobe initiator, for example the recently advertised Turtle TTL or Subal's TTL V1 system? I understand that recycling will be faster (although that bothers me that I'd burn out my Inons!). But are there other advantages?

I read somewhere that the strobe output of the Inons is limited by the guide number (thus power) of the built-in camera flash. A different initiator would avoid this. Is this true?

To upgrade what I have would likely cost between 500-800. Quite a chunk of cash. Is it worth it? What would I gain?