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Uwatec Luna, dive logs, downloads and Dive Log DT

17 March 2016 - 05:38 AM

I'm fed up messing about with the glacially slow Scubapro/Uwatec SmartTrak running on my Mac under VMWare (the Smart Trak J for Mac is even more horrible).


After a Google search I came across Dive Log DT which appears to be able to download from the Uwatec Luna and runs under Mac OSX.


Does anyone use this and what do they think? Were you able to transfer an existing SmartTrak database of dives into Dive Log DT?


After years of trying to sort out SmartTrak/Mac it seems too good to be true that there is a solution.....



ReefNet Subsee adaptor

06 January 2016 - 03:19 AM

Hey guys


Can I seek some advice please.....


I bought a ReefNet SubSee adaptor a little while ago and a SubSee +10 lens. I've only used it once so far on a couple of dives - but, before entering the water, I was struck by how insecure the connection was between the lens and the adaptor. As far as I could see, the lens is pushed on to the adaptor and a small grub screw "holds" it in place. I spent most of the dives making sure the lens was hanging in.


Playing around with it out now, it seems pretty easy for the lens to come out - and disappear into the watery depths. I'm planning a SE Asia macro trip in the coming months and would prefer not to give the lens a one-way trip.


Does anyone have any experience of the ReefNet adaptor and securing a SubSee lens in place? I wondered about putting a slice of inner tube around the lens which might provide a bit more grip. But this seems hardly ideal. Perhaps I could get a second tightening point/screw drilled for the adaptor?


Ideas welcome!