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For Sale - TTL adapter for Olympus 5050

11 June 2005 - 07:12 AM

I recently upgraded to a housed SLR, so I'm selling parts of my Olympus C-5050 setup. I have one of Matthias Heinrich's TTL adapters for the C-5050 that I'm no longer using. It has always worked perfectly with my Sea and Sea YS90DX TTL Duo, it should also work with a YS60 or 120. I believe the adapter is also compatible with the C-5060, but you might want to verify with Matthias. In the picture, the little circuit board sits in the camera's hot shoe, and the other part attaches to the outside of the housing with some zip ties, it was always a very trouble and worry-free instillation.

I paid about $180 for it new, how does $100 for the adapter alone, or $150 with a sync cord sound? Either way, I'll pick up shipping to anywhere in the US.

Oly C-5050 contrast

19 June 2004 - 04:24 PM

Hi everyone, my first post here...

I'll be leaving for a week of diving in a few days, and as usual, I've waited until the last minute to brush up on my experience with my underwater camera (my "land" camera is a Canon D60, so the Olympus rarely gets used above the surface).

What I've been noticing with the C-5050 is that photos saved in anything but RAW have far too much contrast. The attached photo shows this - much of the subtle detail in the door is lost when saving in JPEG format. Considering underwater photos consist of a lot of these mid to darker-mid tones, I'm a little uncomfortable with loosing that detail. It's much easier increasing contrast in Photoshop than trying to bring detail back out from those dark areas.

On the camera, I have noise reduction turned off, sharpness and contrast set to -5, and saturation set to 0. Where ever possible, I have the camera set to not process the images (or at least to process them minimally), yet the contrast is clearly bumped up considerably.

I've seen some great photos shot with the 5050, and I'm wondering if everyone shoots in RAW, or if there's some setting I've overlooked.

On a different but related subject, if I end up shooting in RAW, storage capacity will obviously be an issue. I have a 1 gig Microdrive, but have always resisted using it underwater because of the temperature changes. Is this an issue?

Thanks for any advice.