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#342411 D7000 to D7100 upgrade or not?..

Posted by eyeguy on 26 January 2014 - 02:13 PM

Just finished my first dive trip with the D7100 after switching from the D7000.  I agree entirely with Paul that the focus is much faster.  Also, the increased dynamic range will be a plus when shooting natural light for sure.  It is true that the new housing cost is a substantial consideration in the upgrade decision.  However that cost compares favorably with the costs of new lenses if you go with an FX upgrade.  I'll not get into the whole DX vs FX debate, but there are some good reasons for shooting DX, especially for macro.  Alex Mustard uses both formats for good reason.  My decision for the change came when I was about to upgrade my D7000 Nauticam housing to add their new vacuum system.  Considering the cost of adding the vacuum system to the old housing, I figured the upgrade decision came down to about a $1000 difference once I sold my old system.  I REALLY like the new Nauticam NA-D7100 housing as well...many nice new features over the D7000 housing.  Were it not for the decision to add the vacuum system, I would not have considered the change as I don't think the camera changes alone warrant the expense, but in the end the combination of the new body and new housing has made for a substantial upgrade. I'm very pleased with my decision to make the change.  FWIW.