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In Topic: Want to by housing for Nikon D50

20 January 2010 - 11:14 PM

Hello Mike,

Yes I am interested, although my budget is low since I am doing my PhD and my scholarship is not that generous... How much are you asking? How many dives?


In Topic: Want to by housing for Nikon D50

07 January 2010 - 03:39 PM

I've just written an email to your yahoo account.

By the way, your photos are amazing! I've just checked you website


In Topic: Ikelite Housing for G9, Ikelite wide angle lens, close-up lens UNCU-02, short...

04 November 2009 - 07:27 PM

Interested in the wide angle and flat port. WOuld you sell them separetely? Cheers

In Topic: Complete Ikelite/Ultralight Equipment for Nikon D80

29 October 2009 - 02:21 AM


I am interested in one ds125 strobe, would you sell it separetely? Cheers