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Ikelite lens port for Tokina 100 mm macro lens?

24 January 2011 - 09:54 AM

Hello All. A small question from a hesitant buyer: I am interested in adding the Tokina 100 mm macro lens to my collection. However, I'm curious as to what Ikelite lens port is necessary. According to the Ikelite website, 5505.58 is what is needed. I'm concerned though because this lens (according to my understanding) extends by approximately 40 mm when focusing very close. Can the lens port handle this, and if its focusing on infinity, will I see the lens port in the image? Any help, tips, experience would be greatly appreciated.

And to address the obvious response: Yes, I emailed Ikelite and the response was "We have never received negative feedback on this lens port, but we currently do not have the lens available to try it." I just want to make sure that the lens port will work perfectly.

Thanks in advance!