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In Topic: How did you find Wetpixel?

29 October 2005 - 02:31 PM

Probably not well known . . . wetpixel started and moderated steve's UW forum...Phil Askey onced asked us to move the UW forum over to dpreview (was not a bad idea)...then eric set up the wetpixel forum. Steve has at times over the years echoed wetpixel news items providing a link back to the source. How many here found wetpixel first on steve's? Wetpixel has always had a good relationship with steve's. Steve linked to eric's palau trip and that is when I first knew of eric and soon after that got him to go to kona. I remember the hits would go way up when steve would link us, and the next day our server ISP would email us couselling us to upgrade our plan. So steve can be credited with some of the early success of wetpixel -- including eric getting involved. The rest is history. How did I find wetpixel? I can tell you this. It took several scaps of paper to come up with the name that would be descriptive but short enough for a decent domain name. I kind of regretted it a few weeks later when I dicovered there was already a site with a very similar name but the photos were completely different. I'm glad the name has stuck. I first thought of getting eric more involved when he said that he liked the name of the site -- something we agreed on. I really like what he's done with the place.