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#316383 Going for a spilt-level with a difference!

Posted by jtresfon on 14 September 2012 - 02:41 AM

Definitely nobody injured in the making of these 2 images... This was one of those rare and special encounters where the animal initiates and dictates the interaction. He had plenty of room to move away and chose to come and have a look at us. Although the picture showing the proximity of Steve and the elephant is fairly dramatic, it was the only time in the entire encounter that the elephant even acknowledged our presence. He turned, gave Steve a shower and went on his way. I have plenty of other pics showing him ignoring us but of course they don't hold the same impact value. Having grown up in Africa we are all very aware of the dangers of messing with an adult african elephant, but in this case there was never even a hint of anger, aggression or unhappiness, just a beautiful moment in time that is forever ingrained in my mind...