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Another blurry edge question......

22 July 2012 - 11:10 AM

Here is my dilemma. I usually photograph people underwater, so my subjects aren't small. My shots are tack sharp in the center of the image, but blurred around the edges. I shoot with a Nikon D200, in an Ikelite housing. The lens is a 10.5 mm and the port is the Ikelite 6" dome. I understand that the port isn't ideal and is probably the cause of the problem and that a switch to an 8" dome along with the proper extension ring is suggested (by Ikelite)

My issue with this suggestion is that at this time, I am unable to afford the dome or the extension ring that it requires. Is there another (less expensive) option?? I've tried looking for info on diopters, but apparently the 10.5 mm will not accept a diopter. Has anyone tried to adapt a diopter successfully to a 10.5? Will using extension rings with the 6" dome work? Is there another wide angle or fisheye lens ideally suited to the 6" dome? I'd appreciate any help. I'm tired of shooting my subjects at a distance and cropping out the blurry parts.

Sincerely Ed