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Is bigger better?

23 November 2009 - 02:41 PM

Hey there,

I have tried searching but 'hard' and 'case' seem to come up in most threads!

Im a looking to buy a pelicase or something similar for my housing and such to rest in. I am not looking to store any strobes or sync cords in this case just an Ikelite housing and 8" port. The thing is I have another housing for a 650 film camera and two 6" ports to go with this. I am not sure whether to buy a case that will fit all of this gear inside in one go or opt for two smaller cases. ATM I really only need to protect the digital and 8" port as these are the ones that actually see any action or transportation.

Also should I be looking to grow into it? No doubt I will acquire more stuff that will need storing. It wasn't long before my first dive bag would barely hold my fins, suit and the like!

Cheers, Joe

How many cycles?

16 November 2009 - 07:23 AM

Hey there,I tried out my 'new' DS-125 yesterday and am happy with my first results using two strobes. However, the strobe only lasted for about 150 shots. It had been sat in a Peli case for three years before I purchased it and had only been recharged before being sent to me. How many charge/discharge cycles am I looking at before it reaches full capacity?Cheers, Joe

Second hand strobes

11 November 2009 - 12:55 PM

Hello there,

I recently picked up 2 x DS125 of eBay, it came with two sync cords arms charger and the gubbins, at a bargin price!

Only problem is, one strobes modelling light doesnt work (by looking in the manual it looks an easy fix) the other doesnt fie though. It makes all the right noises and when on the 'test' setting does what it is supposed to, but it doesnt fire. Every so often I can hear it topping up the flash. Iv tried it with both ends of a dual sync cord and a single sync cord but nothing works.

I can see that what I though was a bargin is soon going to turn very heavy :blush:

Cheers in advance for any help, Joe