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Aquatica 5DMKIII housing shutter problem

06 May 2014 - 05:51 AM

Hi all,



  Have my 5DMKIII down because a small problem and can't get any info on how to solve if.


Maybe someone here can help. This is what I sent Jean: 


  Thanks, Nuno.


 Hi Jean,

  Have a bit of a problem with my 5D housing I am hoping you can help with.
  I was traveling with the housing (with camera inside) in my think tank Airport International travel bag and when I took it out the shutter lever had been pressing hard on the side of the bag for the whole trip. So the result at the end of the trip was a completely bent shaft of the shutter release button inside the housing.
  I tried fixing it making it straight again (with a pair of pliers) but I do not think it is back at its original shape.
  I have sent a small video clip of how it is now. But basically I don´t understand if the shaft should be in front or behind the vertical screw on the top inside of the housing you see on the vid. right now it works but the shutter real ease button has a very small slack to let me: push till focus and then push for shooting.
  Can you take a look at the vid and let me know if it looks like you can find the problem with this info?
  Can you send me a pic of a new shutter button shaft so I can get mine in to the right position?
  I guess the only other solution will be to order a new button.
  All the best, Nuno.
  Any help would be very appreciated. If anyone else owns an Aquatica 5DMKIII housing and can take a pic of the shaft it would be excellent . Thanks, N