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Wrasse ID

29 March 2010 - 07:09 PM

Is this (the fish in the center) a pencil wrasse, or a juvenile of another wrasse??

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Editing- to much? to little?

29 March 2010 - 06:58 PM

This shot was an attempt to get a silhouette of the main subject (the turtle) and use flash to get some color from the reef below.

I was a little far from the reef so it did not get lit up as much as I wanted, and I had to selectively darken the exposure on the turtle to get more of a silhouette rather than just an under-exposed subject.

I was using an Olympus E-620 with two Olympus UFL-2 strobes set to ttl with the kit 14-42mm lens. I did not have much time to get the shot as the turtle was swimming at a fair clip past me, so all I got to do was aim the strobes to point away from it and towards the reef, frame and shoot:
ISO 200 1/60 at f13 at zoom of 14mm

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Ports- Store/transport on or off the housing?

15 December 2009 - 01:22 PM

I just got my first DSLR housing system and will be taking it to Hawaii for its first dive trip.

I have only one port for the system at the time, so nless there is a good reason to do so I was planning on leaving it attached to the housing after checking for leaks in a pool prior to my trip.

Is it ok to leave the port attached for extended periods and travel in carry on luggage?

Or should I unscrew it from the housing between uses?

The system is an Olympus PTE-6

Fiber Optic or TTL connection for Olympus?

02 December 2009 - 09:05 PM

I have just put together an Olympus system- E620 with the Olympus housing and UFL2 flashes.

Should I use the Olympus TTL cable or the fiber optic. Since the system offers both types I am assuming there are distinct advantages/disadvantages to both.

I am leaning towards the TTL cable. Is there any good reason to use the fiber optic instead?

My only experience has been with a Sealife DC500, and one of my frustrations has been with a very limited control over the flash. It has been a great tool to begin learning how to take underwater photos, but I am eager to grow into my new system.