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In Topic: Changing a Nikonos-to-Sea&Sea sync cable to Ikelite?

15 December 2009 - 06:53 AM

Sync cables are a weak link that are responsible for many camera floods.
If the sync cable leaks it will flood your housing and your strobe.

Thanks, that's what I was worried about! Looks like I'll have a hunt for the real thing!

In Topic: So this is where all the cool kids are, right?

08 December 2009 - 09:30 AM

Cheers guys :wacko:

In Topic: Jumping in

04 December 2009 - 08:20 AM

Very timely thread, I was just thinking about this issue!

Especially in the UK the boat will often be moving as you jump so having anything handed down is a bit difficult and you're basically forced to jump in with all your kit. When I had my G9 I wasn't worried but now I've got my DSLR housing I'm a little more concerned

I have a DSLR. I fasten the top of the two strobe arms to my BC using a clip system. I use my right arm to hold it to my chest and the left on the reg. As I giant stride I'll rotate slightly and lean slightly back. I've yet to have an issue but my ports screw on pretty securely.

That sounds like a good system - I've seen a lot of people hold it but lift as they hit the water to buffer the impact, you're happy that you don't need to?

In Topic: Newbie Rigs: What camera system did you buy?

04 December 2009 - 04:10 AM

Hi guys,

New here but I've also only just upgraded my rig so I thought I'd share the details.

I originally started with a Sony P10 in a housing (internal flash, no manual WB, no raw) then moved to a Canon G9 and housing with a YS120 strobe triggered by a Heinrichs Weikamp adaptor (solved all of the problems above plus kept TTL metering).

As my topside photography progressed I moved to a DSLR, first with a Canon 350D and now a 40D which I've been keen to take diving so I've now bought an Ikelite housing for it along with the 8inch dome port. It's a nice, solid bit of kit which allows access to a huge number of camera features and the port is great for wide-angle/close-up shots.

I'm still figuring out the strobes for my new setup - part of me wants to keep my YS120 strobe and just buy the Ikelite-Sea&Sea sync cable which would limit me to manual mode only but I'm not too worried about that. Another bit of me is saying that I should sell the YS120 and buy an Ikelite strobe to maintain TTL abilities. Not sure which I'll go for yet but I'm sure I'll post about it some more.
The plan is to complement the strobe with an LED focusing light on the other arm, at least until I decide to buy a second strobe!