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Charity Work and Copyright

19 September 2010 - 03:43 AM

What are people's approach with regards to charity work and copyright?

I've been asked if I'll take some shots at an auction for a local charity and I'm happy to supply the charity with digital files and for them to sell them either digitally or as prints and to use the images for their own promotion etc.

I do however want to maintain overall ownership of the images, can someone advise on an appropriate 'level' of license to grant the charity?



Help please - advice required on good waterproof plaster/dressing

26 May 2010 - 12:35 AM

Hi Folks

Hoepfully someone might be able to help...

My wife managed to burn herself on an oven tray last Friday and we're due to fly out to the Dom Rep. this Friday - the doc has provided her with some large dressings to help the burn heal but has advised it will need additional protection once the skin has healed over against the sun, chlorine etc. and the dressings he has provided are deemed 'shower proof' which means if you go swimming in them they're going to end up sucking up half the sea!

Can anyone recommend a good brand of waterproof dressing - middle (non-sticky) bit needs to be about 5x7cm and where I may be able to get it as we leave for the airport tomorrow morning?

Current contenders are Boots Advanced Healing Waterproof Film Dressings (5 for 4.50)....



Main Sky News Homepage - Tompot Blenny - Alex Mustard

20 January 2010 - 02:18 AM

Sky news currently have a gallery on their home page for the British Wildlife Photography Awards (BWPA).

Alex's picture of a Tompot Blenny is one of 3 images shown on the main page in thumbnail (it is number 16 in the main gallery).

Canon Housing (WPDC 13) - Sticking Buttons

22 December 2009 - 04:36 AM

Hi Folks

Having procured a 2nd hand Ixus 70 plus housing that I recently used in Jamaica I've noticed that some of the buttons stick on the housing.

I found the Canon care guide and the following online article http://blog.gieselma...a-housings.aspx which seems sensible enough however, I was under the impression that where double o-rings are used the space between them is supposed to be filled with grease (think I read that on an info article on camerasunderwater)?

What Dive Equipment to buy

18 December 2009 - 11:39 AM

Hi Folks

Sorry if this one has been done to death but trying to get an idea here on the diving side of UW photography - specifically what kit (if any) to buy and also what certification (minimum) level seems to be the informed choice...

A bit of background...My girlfriend fiance wife and I have been into snorkelling for quite a while now (I actually learnt to snorkel before I could swim!) and I've been fairly hooked on UW photography since we went to Sharm back in 2005. We recently got married and had our honeymoon at Couples Negril, Jamaica...anyhoo at the couples resorts if you are OW certified the diving is covered under the all inclusive so we decided it would be worth our while to get certified and then take advantage of the free diving.

I think it's probably a slippery slope for me but I'm now thinking of getting some kit of my/our own rather than rely on resort/hire equipment that may be high quality but has probably been subject to quite a bit of abuse/wear and tear.

I'm pretty happy with my fins (Salvas Caiman full foot, same as Bodyglove snap fins), they may be cheap but they seem to do the job and don't weigh too much for the silly luggage allowances we're getting nowadays.

I'm thinking mainly:
Regulator & Octopus etc.
Computer...(may have to wait for more budget on that one!)

Also I've discovered that my mask, whilst great for snorkelling is possibly not the greatest for diving or for UW photography and as I bought it well over 10 years ago I figure a replacement is not necessarily an extravagance... :lol: Was thinking of something like the Scubapro Crystal Vu Dive Mask With Purge (black silicone).

So as budget is a concern what is the best bet:
- buy decent 2nd hand or go for new?
- Any makes to go for - equipment reliability is paramount with weight probably second...
- Any makes to avoid - i.e. known for lots of bells, whistles, shiny things and twirly things but poor build quality etc. (i.e. the citroen of dive equipment)

Any advice appreciated!