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In Topic: Wow - My dive log is now on my Mac!

24 December 2010 - 10:35 PM

Let me add another endorsement for MacDive - its a great bit of software which makes it easy to look back at dives, add photos and notes. I've 'only' got the D6 but love the combination!

In Topic: New G11 Owner

27 May 2010 - 02:18 AM

Hi Chris - It worked rather well for me on my last trip. I tended to use the velcro to cover the internal flash and use the fiber optic to drive the S&S.

I kept the diffuser on the S&S most of the time as I found that I got better results...You can see some of the photos http://www.flickr.co...57623380339279/ and check the EXIF to see which had flash and which didnt. I'm off to Egypt in early July so will have some more shots to show you...

From what I have seen on the single trip that I have used it the S&S works very well and I am very happy with it. The one thing that I would say is to check to make sure that the arm and tray that you get give you enough flexibility in terms of where you position the flash - I ended up changing the arm I used to give me the ability to have the flash as far away from the lens as possible...

Let me know if you need more info

In Topic: Strobe for G11

23 January 2010 - 04:04 AM

Just an aside but I was speaking to my local u/w camera shop during the week and their reccomendation was get a wide angle adaptor as (for the diving that I do - Red Sea, Oman, Mexico) the ambient light is enough and a wide angle adaptor will allow me to get closer, removing the 'amount' of water in the way and thus improve colours..sort of made sense (but of course, after I had bought my strobe!)

I'm back in 2 weeks so will show you the fruits of my labours :island:

In Topic: G11 Strobe for Work & Play

19 January 2010 - 07:36 AM

I've gone for the YS110a option with my G11 also with the fibre optic connection.

On land, it works perfectly - I get consistent exposures regardless of the subject as long as I am not in M mode (manual) as it is not supported.

Cant tell you how good it works underwater yet but I am off for 2 weeks at the weekend and can let you know then!

I chose the S&S 110a because in the UK the Inon z240 is really expensive - $1200 (750)....

Have a look at http://www.digitaldi...net/strobes.php to see the specs of each strobe

In Topic: Strobe for G11

18 January 2010 - 12:54 AM

I seem to have replied to you on another thread - http://wetpixel.com/...showtopic=33869

Basically, dont scrimp on the strobe!