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16 January 2010 - 03:00 PM

So, I have precisely two post to my name but...

I joined as I am off to the Maldives in a week for 11 days diving on Filitheyo with a couple of boat dives added on for good measure. I have previously used an Ixus 860 and Canon housing with no strobe but this time I am taking a Canon G11 and a shiny new S&S 110a which I hope will improve my lighting somewhat.

I have to say that some of the photos and posts (I have been reading a lot!) on here are incredably inspiring - I hope that I can produce some shots even vaguely as good!

I'll post up some of the shots when I get back (doubt that free internet will be around) but in the interim if anyone has anything more that you think I should be reading up on (how to shoot a single strobe etc) then please let me know. The basic camera stuff I know, having been a topside photographer for about 20 years (not pro but published) - just wish I could afford a housing for some of my SLR Canon gear!