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In Topic: Wide angle lens for Nikon D7000

27 November 2011 - 08:17 PM

G'day Jef.

I use the D7000 in a Hugy and I add my vote to the tok 10-17. It's just a very versatile lens underwater; almost as if Tokina designed it with u/w photogs in mind. I love it. I only wish I had more opportunity to use it at my local dive sites (it's been a real macro year). Also, I got the kenko 1.4 tc for CFWA. FYI the hugy zoomgear that works with that combo is the one for the Canon 10-22mm (6.442 + 6.445).


In Topic: hugyfot dome

25 September 2011 - 03:40 AM

I agree with Antonio. I've been using their acrylic dome and have no complaints. Having said that, Zen are now making their glass mini-dome for the Hugy mount, which is very tempting!


In Topic: Hugyfot D7000 review

21 August 2011 - 10:19 PM

BTW, one other (very minor) annoyance I discovered with the Hugyfot housing is that the Hugycheck battery needs to be installed before the camera. Usually I realize that only afterwards, and I have to restart all over again. Maybe I should place a warning sticker on the tray to remind me :-)

Haha yes I've also forgotten a couple times. Actually I've left the lens cap on too and only realised when I was already in the water! Just got to develop a routine and stick to it. However it would be nice if the hugycheck had an on/off switch so the battery could be left in place, though no big deal.

In Topic: Hugyfot D7000 review

11 August 2011 - 06:47 AM

Hey Davichin.

Nice review. I was going to post one myself as I have this housing too, but you beat me to it :) I agree with you about the lack of o-rings on the balls. It's not a big deal, but IMO they sure clamp better with than without. I also agree with Alex and jefdriesen's comments about the control dials, but mainly the front side one (aperture). It's a bit awkward to use and I have to move my hand so I can grab it between thumb and forefinger to turn it. This needs to be improved so it can tweaked easily with a finger while the hand is still gripping the handle (or in the neoprene strap).

The standard viewfinder is much like all other standard viewfinders: an abomination. Unless you need it for 75m+ tech dives or have masochistic tendencies, the 180 or 45 finders are essential kit and should be at all times! I use the Inon 180 and love it.

I will note some other things.

Firstly, I read somewhere it's possible to suck out air through the Hugycheck valve with your mouth in the event the pump fails or runs out of battery. I tried this, and at the risk of my head imploding I could not reach a sufficient vacuum to make that hugycheck LED turn green. My guess is this is near impossible, although someone comes to mind who might be able to achieve it. I also tried removing a port while the housing was fully vacuum sealed. I was able to rotate the port but not pull it out. You could probably do it, but it would take considerable force. So this is good.

As far as handling goes, much is made of the one-handed operation of Hugys, so I will comment on my experiences.

With the standard flat port, 60mm micro, 2 x UCLS arms, and 2 x Inon Mega Float arms (390g buoyancy each), the rig is slightly negative, nicely balanced, and easy to use one handed. A joy. Also, the extra mounting ball allows the option of attaching a strobe arm to the top and removing a handle. If a single strobe is enough then both handles can be removed. This makes it a bit easier to shoot recalcitrant subjects in tight spaces (tasselled anglerfish look out!) or get right down low in the sand.

With the acrylic FE dome, Tok 10-17, and no float arms, the overall buoyancy is much like above, however the rig wants to flip dome up, making using the neoprene strap uncomfortable (the rig is trying to turn your wrist back). In my experience it's necessary to revert to gripping the handles, which is fine. Adding some counter weights to level it out is the way to go. A big glass dome might be a different story, and I suspect a Zen mini dome would handle nicely as-is. I should note the when shooting vertically there is no flipping problem and it's quite easy to shoot one handed.

My only problem with the housing was the review lever slipping out of adjustment after a couple of uses. Pascal sent me some new locking nuts for the control and so far so good.

Overall a great housing and I'm very pleased with it. All the other controls are fine; it's quite ergonomic; very sleek design, and I really like the shutter lever which has a nice action and I have no difficulties doing a half press.

In Topic: What Hugyfot gear for Tokina 10-17 & 1.4x TC combo?

17 March 2011 - 06:57 PM

Just updating my own thread again! For everyone's info the zoom gear for the Canon 10-22mm is suitable for use with the Tokina 10-17mm and 1.4 TC. Hugyfot part numbers are 6.442 + 6.445.