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In Topic: Fish eye or rectilinear for filming?

Today, 07:50 AM

I will echo what others are saying....the 17-40mm in my opinion is horrible behind a dome.  I have one, and only used it a few times, as I would get angry at how bad the image looked after I was done filming.  So that lead me to use the 15mm fisheye.  This lens on the other hand is very sharp, and focuses close.  Really the only negative is warped look, which in most cases I don't mind.  If you are doing reefs, mantas, sharks open water etc...I think it works fine and the warping isn't a big deal.  Again, this is personal preference.  


Here is an example of the same camara (canon 5dII) you are using and what the 15mm fisheye looks like.



Now for the Rectilinear, seriously, don't buy the 17-40mm.  It is an old lens, and for on a couple hundred more you can have, as Drew pointed out the new 16-35mm with IS.  I recently purchased it because I was going to Truk for wreck diving, and knew the fisheye wouldn't look good there.  And boy am I glad I got it!  It looks really good imo.  The corners aren't perfect but 1000% better than the 17-40mm.  And just the color you get out of it seems to be better.


Here is an example of the 16-35mm f4L with the Canon 5dII..


I also found the IS to be helpful with the lens...


Hope that helps.


In Topic: Locline. Does it always creak?

20 May 2015 - 09:39 PM

That's useful info Dustin.
Where did you get that Locline that didn't creak much? I have a feeling that new Locline might be a little quieter as it may still be a little slippery from the manufacturing process (injection mould release agent etc.).
And what brand of clamps are you using? Mine are Nauticam. Perhaps some are smoother than others. I wish manufacturers would offer them with a finer thread for finer control over the tension. However that would make them slower to assemble.


I got them from backscatter. They creak more out of the water than in. I really think it's the ikelite to locline adaptor that made the movement. And I also agree, that the newness of it may have made it quieter. I also only did the small solas on them, I wouldn't do the 4000's on them.

As for clamps, I use the Ulcs clamps and arms. To be honest I kind of man handle them underwater, I don't have a ton of patience so I keep all connections stiff, and then muscle it into place when I see a subject. This also creaks because it is tighter.
I also force my tripod legs, and have had to but new ball for the base of my tripod because I tweak them hard underwater without loosening much. Movement is nice, but the stability I think wins out for me on the arms. However, I think a lot depends on what you are used to.


In Topic: Locline. Does it always creak?

19 May 2015 - 06:30 AM

Hey Nick, I thought I would try locline in PNG, but after a few days I noticed that on my tripod shots, it took a while for them to stop shaking. It was a good 8 seconds before they would stop moving the camera after I hit the record button and took my hands off. Not sure if that has to do with the connection to the ikelite handle or what, but it was very disappointing because the movement was nice. Mine didn't creak as much as I was expecting, at least not more than my regular arms.

So after all that I went back to normal arms, which is fine. They work better in current and above water too. I just have to take the time at the beginning of the dive to losses the clamp just enough to to where I can easily move the arms. I use an 8 and 4 inch arm. Although might try and 8 and 12 next time.


In Topic: Giant Octopus in East Sea of Korea

29 April 2015 - 11:52 AM

Very Nice Eunjae!  

In Topic: Nudibranch of Anilao in 4K - Panasonic LX100

27 April 2015 - 07:04 PM

Thanks Dustin. Yeah I was puzzling about the length of each clip. I decided to keep the Pikachu nudibranch and the white one long because it show the interesting way of the pikachu crawl and flop (so cute!), and the white glass one eating. I suppose I could have cut the juvenile dragon shorter.
The mating part was tricky, I didn't even know they're doing it until when they split up. While I was shooting them, I just saw a blob of black nudibranch stick together, so focus was hard (dealing with diopter and try not to shake/move camera much). Watching them crawl closer kind of set up the scene, but I agree it's very sloooooowwww....... Do you think 15 seconds max per clip is too long? I'm slowly learning the editing portion, so any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
I have another big master reel in the progress, so I think I will try to keep each clip around 10 seconds.
Also, I saw your Nudi clip, will try snoot light the next time, if I get to do more night dive!

Timing is tricky and there isn't ever a correct answer. When I was first learning, I would keep clips too long. And videos too long. Even now, I am thinking 5 minutes is too long for a full video, but I get dragged into it because I have more footage I want show. Lol. And even now, of course, then you will get people that say the clips aren't long enough. I have found that in general, if someone is very interested in the subject matter, longer clips are fine. But those casual viewers not so much, they need more action and variety. So I suppose it depnds on who you want as your audience. Unless you are nudi freak, you probably won't watch this all the way thru. you are better off making 2 shorter videos.
Having said that, the video is really good, and I am a nudi freak so I watched the whole thing..:).

As for the mating....I had the same type of nudis in Lembeh, but they were doing a 3 way...pretty funny. They were positioned well so you could definitely tell what they were doing. any black subject looks bad in video or pictures. Really hard to get that stuff to look good.