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Today, 04:47 PM

So I have learned that Virgin Australia doesn't have a baggage agreement with Air Nuigini.  So the easy transit in BNE appears to not be able to happen.   Is a 2 hour 10 minuted lay over enough time to get bags, got through immigration, and check in to the counter?  


Since I am not on the same itinerary....between VA and Air Nuigini.  And I don't make the Air nuigini flight.  I would be considered a "no show".  Never had that happen.  What happens in that scenario?  



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Yesterday, 08:42 AM

Thanks Guys!

Very nice Dustin,


Do you mind if I share it on my Macro Facebook group? Or if you can? I think you are already a member.








Thank you Kaj.  I just posted it.



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22 July 2014 - 02:01 PM

nicely done!  thanks for sharing


Thank you.  Welcome to Wetpixel!


In Topic: Preparing for Truk

19 July 2014 - 01:26 PM

I'd done about 170 dive when I went to Truk and did GUE fundies about 6 months before, although had been diving a twinset about 6 months before that. I wouldn't worry about any advanced deco (I.e. O2) and just build in some more time in the water. It's warm, and on a lot of the wrecks you still have something interesting to look at up to 5-10m.

The buoyancy and trim skills learned on fundies will set you up well for some of the guided penetration dives you should get the opportunity to do, assuming you don't mind popping into a wreck for 10-15 minutes without seeing any natural light :D The guides know the wrecks like the back of their hand, but there's a big dollop of trust! Some of the holes are pretty tight too, so not sure I would have fancied an extra stage!

A big torch is pretty much essential, along with a decent computer that's not going to hammer you for deco when your not at exactly 6m (I.e. Suunto). I think my Suunto backup was bent after 3-4 dives and was eventually switched to gauge mode :D

I did a few days diving from the Blue Lagoon and then spent a week on Odyssey, and there were a few people diving a single 15 but I think a twinset is really needed to get the most from your trip.

You'll have a great time. The diving is fantastic, although very rust based with a lack of any really big wildlife!

ps: the GUE approach is a little prescriptive if you want to to progress down their technical courses, but the skills learned on fundies can be applied to any diving you do afterward, with or without GUE. It's a hard course, with a pretty high bar (unlike anything you might have done with PADI) but we'll worth it with the potential to make you a much more proficient diver.

pps: oh, and Nitrox is a given - 32% good for most dives with 28 or air for the deeper ones!


Thanks.  I am doing the TDI intro to tec course right now.  Wanted to be able to do doubles down there.  With doubles on the first time, the long hose...etc. felt like I have never been diving before.  LOL.   I don't think I am planning on doing any real big deco diving.  Just want enough air, that I won't have to come up after 15 minutes.  With the camera, I really don't focus on my breathing as much as I should.  So the air goes fast.  



In Topic: Preparing for Truk

19 July 2014 - 09:33 AM

That's exactly why: I heard talk in Chuuk saying that they haven't put in much work on the ground, discussing itineraries, moorings, supplies and so on, diving the wrecks and getting ready for customers. i would expect that it will take some time for a new boat to settle into trouble-free operation.
I don't know if it's meaningful, but the Siren fleet's web page refers to Operation Hailstorm, not Hailstone, which suggests a certain skimpiness to their research...

I am not too worried about it. Siren is a pretty good company. I was in Komodo while they were preparing the Palau siren. They were preparing the crew and getting kinks working out from the boat end of things long before they put it in Palau. I also spoke to one of the owners about it too. I am thinking they are hiring some people with local knowledge already.
It will be interesting. I am thinking they won't be as prepared for the hardcore tec divers like odyssey. But that might not be their target market.