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In Topic: Papua New Guinea - Milne Bay gallery

25 November 2015 - 03:33 PM

Great work, as always.  You guys captured some amazing diversity.  Thanks for sharing these shots.


It's very hard to pick favorites, but the free-swimming seahorse is an awesome shot (and it must have been very difficult to seize just that moment).  I really like the vertical version of the pink anemone fish against the green/purple anemone as that is a composition i have had in mind for a long time but haven't found in the wild yet. The little bobtail resting on the substrate is also excellent as those guys are usually so skittish I can barely get one frame before they bury themselves in fright.  Well done on all of them!


Thanks for looking at them.  The bobtail squid was very strange.  It was on the wall right on Tawali's house reef.  Just sitting on top of dead coral.  I have always seen them in more mucky conditions.   So I was surprised to see one there.  

In Topic: A7S II - 4k on board

12 October 2015 - 02:04 PM

I'm usually a make it blue water, natural light with occasional filter use kinda guy, and rely on Resolve to perform color magic to get the colors I want.  The Canon DSLR have the WB edge, but 4k and lower noise isn't something to sneeze at.  Nothing on the lower side of $3k shoots 4k video with this sort of low light performance in-cam.  
Then there's the issue with limited lens choice for wide angle.  Fortunately, I have the old Nikonos 15mm sitting around.  And the new 16-35 is good for video, but so so for the A7RII pics. Pick your poison as it were.

I am starting to think that the 1dxII might be looming for me.  if that can have 4k @ 60p, and focus peaking, I think I might be sold.  Although wish it was in the smaller form factor as the 5d...and in all reality, I just wish that 5d4 would just come out, but I have a feeling Canon is going to protect their cinema line.   Have you ever shot the C300 underwater?  And if so, how is the WB with that?

In Topic: A7S II - 4k on board

09 October 2015 - 11:56 AM

Will be interesting to see how the new A7sII does with the 4k onboard capture.  My A7RII got pretty hot shooting 4k and shut down a few times after 20+ minutes in the sun.  But I left it in the hot tropical sun to get some time lapse.
Almost 1 year later I'm still very impressed with the moonlight video using the A7s, and the II supposedly has even more improvements in noise reduction.  If the SAVC-S with S-Log can hold the 13 stops underwater, it would be a nice compact rig for shooters.  Still the lens department is lacking and the Sony zooms aren't that sharp!

The question is Drew, can it get a decent wide angle white balance? How does your a7rII do? Coming from canon dslr, is tough to give that up.

In Topic: Raja 2015 Highlights

29 September 2015 - 07:44 PM

Great video mike..looks like a fun trip.


In Topic: Frogfish 'Finds Nemo'

25 September 2015 - 06:46 AM

Awesome. Loved it.


Thanks for watching it!

Great clip - well done, as usual.


Thanks.  I appreciate it.