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In Topic: Video Editing Software for MAC

25 May 2016 - 11:24 AM

Davinci Resolve, it's free and very powerful.

In Topic: Underwater Colour Correction With The Sony AX100

25 May 2016 - 11:23 AM

Interesting information. My old L&M has just a few mechanical controls so I've never had any problems in carrying it with the camera inside. But I never travel with essential gear in my checked baggage because I've had a few bad experiences with lost luggage. I'm afraid I'll have to take the risk!!


The last couple of times I have flown, I have checked my video equipment in and used a small GPS tracker inside the bag.

Whilst I have never had any bags go missing, I mark my bags with my contact details and flight details but now that I am checking the video gear in, the GPS gives me an added level of comfort that if it goes astray, I can pinpoint the bags location.

In Topic: Underwater Colour Correction With The Sony AX100

25 May 2016 - 11:20 AM

Pete, using the one push with a white slate and red stickers, do I press the one push with the red filter on or off? Also, how often in depth should I re white balance?

Hi "D" yes use the filter when doing a manual WB with the slate.

In Topic: Underwater Colour Correction With The Sony AX100

08 April 2016 - 12:26 AM

I have used several DSLR type systems for video work, including 7D, 5D & GH4 and my biggest issue was always that I was never 100% confident that my footage was in focus and when someone is paying you to get the shot and you are always thinking in the back of your mind, I hope that is in focus, well it is not a good feeling.


I'm certainly not going to bash DSLR users as there are many members here that are getting great results from them.

For me though, having distance markers on the screen means I can lock my focus at 0.3 at full wide zoom and I know 100% of the time that the shot is in focus.

The other features I like of a video system are the ND filters, which I couldn't live without now, a zoom lens, the ability to manually focus and swap between manual and auto focus when needed, focus peaking (which I use mainly for macro work and like ND filters, peaking is a godsend for macro work), the ease of getting into the WB menu and having one push WB and decent auto focus.


The things I like specifically about the AX100 would be the image quality first and foremost, the larger sensor means I can finally pull focus underwater and help to separate subjects from backgrounds, the XAVC-s codec is fantastic for post work and the Gates Housing is well balanced, the main functions are well placed for easy access and the extra items like the top handle and tripod make it a great system to use.


I can't see myself going back to an SLR style setup to shoot video permanently.

The GH4 was a great camera and I see people adding all sorts of extra equipment onto it to make it "better" but the size is growing and so is the cost.

Price up the cost of an SLR system versus a video based system, in most cases it is cheaper to setup a video system and I certainly understand that not everybody wants to be locked into a video system and that is fine but for me, it is a dedicated video system all the way.

Whether that be Sony, Canon or whoever else comes along in the future.

Oh and by the way, my understanding is that Sony will not be releasing an updated version of the AX100 this year.

In Topic: Underwater Colour Correction With The Sony AX100

08 April 2016 - 12:05 AM





I didn't get the magenta filter until after I returned, but think it may have helped - I'll try it next time.


Here's a minute (however bad) of what I did get - no filter, one-push and the red tape spot trick you suggested: https://youtu.be/EZPhf1wku3o


In the first clip my wife is trying to get the manatee to stay so she could back up - it was a bit too close to let her focus.




Tom, the beauty of the white slate with red stickers is that you can zoom in and out and that will adjust how much red is added to the image and will dramatically change the white balance.