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Inon Z240 - Optical or Electrical Sync?

10 February 2010 - 11:22 PM

I have recently managed to get a great deal on two Inon Z240 Mk 4 strobes. I have an Ikelite housing with a Canon G11 camera and I'm trying to figure out whether to go with the Ikelite 4118.2 sync cord or use fibre optic optical sync cords. I undertand that the Ikelite sync cord only works in manual mode with Inon strobes - this isn't really a problem for me as to date most of my best shots have been taken in manual mode. I assume that as TTL doesn't work with the Ikelite cable it must be due to the strobe's 'quench' signal note being compatible with the Ikelite cable, which means that I would loose the ability to control the flash power via the camera and would have to use the power settings on the two strobes.

To date I had always viewed the use of fibre optic sync as a very basic / noddy / low-end approach but I have spoken to a couple of retailers who tell me that it works very well.

My thoughts in terms of pros / cons for optical are:
  • You get TTL
  • The optical sync cords are relatively cheap
  • Ability to have a buddy hold one strobe for improved lighting
  • Less clutter at the back of the housing and no cable / damage
  • Reduction in camera battery life
  • Possible increase in backscatter from nternal strobe
  • It still feels rather basic for such an expensive strobe
Any tips, thoughts, suggestions, experience, etc would be welcome