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In Topic: Viewing RAW images with IOS 8

02 November 2014 - 10:04 AM

We have also had this problem.  We used the iPad on our recent trip to Fiji and to be honest it was unusable for viewing never mind deleting or editing images. 


Roddy installed Cool Iris which allowed us to view them ok but it can not do any more than that. 


It also looks like we have lost images from the iPad, it appears that the iPad has dumped the RAW files if they have been accessed in anyway.  The images that Roddy had looked at with a program called photogene appear to have autosaved as jpg and dumped the RAW files. 


He is not amused.  Sorry we haven't been able to help but we share your pain.  Also be careful which work-a-round you use - you may end up regretting it.


Sharon & Roddy

In Topic: Land based flash underwater?

13 July 2014 - 09:56 AM

Roddy used to have a 10bar housing for his canon speedlite 580ex.  It was amazing for macro and eTTL but didn't cut the mustard with WA.  It did flood in the end but it was only a small leak which only fried the batteries.  He sold it with the 10bar housing to a surf photographer as he didn't need it to be submersible, only splash proof. 



In Topic: How did you flood?

07 November 2013 - 08:57 AM

  • Canon 300D and Tokina 12-24mm- Rinse tank after a bumpy trip back to Marsa Shagra on the back of a truck.  One of the locking clips on the ikelite front port had come undone. Very old film housing that had been converted with only 2 clips.
  • 10 Bar housing - few minor leaks due to hairs/sand on the o ring.  Big housing with absorbent sachet in the bottom saved the day. 
  • Sea & Sea strobe - fibre on the o ring seal.  Thankfully only the batteries went BANG!
  • Sea & Sea housing (EMPTY).  Whole front port fell off just as we were getting into the water.  Roddy had used the wrong o ring on the port which meant it twisted off with no effort what so ever.  Thankfully another diver who was getting out spotted it in the kelp so he didn't lose a flat port and spotting torch which would have been hard to swallow as well as a totally flooded housing!

After that little lot I insisted on having a leak sentinel installed onto his RDX450 housing.  We don't tend to dive in places with great camera rooms and lighting is usually very poor in most dive resorts we've been to.  That and user error seem to be our main problem. 


We now have a Olympus TG1 and a housing fitted with a leak sentinel so I should no longer have to worry about flooded cameras any more.