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Closeup Quad

29 April 2010 - 11:35 PM

Here's what happens when you overestimate the amount of water under a wave and rider comes right over you. As you bruise your shoulder trying to paste yourself to the bottom, you get to study the flow of water past a quad fin setup. And this was with a 10mm lens on a 7D!

I bought a helmet shortly after taking this...


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Unused Aquatica Housing and Ports

16 February 2010 - 05:56 PM


Cleaning out the closet and found an Aquatica 90 Housing that was never used. Shortly after getting this housing and accessories, I jumped into the digital revolution and simply never used it. It has all been stored in a box in my closet since, well, the Nikon N90s was current (!!!). Everything but the housing and flash still have boxes/original packaging.

I'd expect the housing is about as useful as a doorstop. But the ports are apparently still available (and still crazy expensive!).

Take a look and make me an offer. For shipping, I'll only charge whatever the post office charges me (I think US Priority Mail is the best bet). I'll only take Paypal.

Here they are:

Aquatica 90 Housing (price tag still on!)
w/Port w/cover (not sure of product# or what port it is; Pls let me know if you know what it is!)

Housing Front

Housing Back

8" Dome Port w/cover (prod# 18405; still in box) and some focus and aperture rings (product #s 18675 and 18619).

Dome and Rings

Ikelite Substrobe 100A with cord and bracket arm.


Also have Port Extension 105mm (prod#18453), also still in box. Can send pic if you want.