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Angry as can be...!

10 March 2010 - 04:32 PM

Hi all. Haven't been around for awhile - life interferes. Sigh.

Anyway, last week we were in Yap. As wonderful as it was, the diving was marred, as a particular diver displayed what I (or my cat, for that matter) would consider sub-par skills underwater. They pretty much had no buoyancy skills, let alone trim; and often engaged in what I certainly wouldn't consider marine-life friendly actions.

After watching him literally chase away the mantas, I resolved to stay away from this person. My experience has been that attempting to correct such divers is futile; any helpful comment, no matter how diplomatic, is usually met with hostility and defensiveness. So I just stay away.

At the end of the trip, one of our group witnessed this diver on the nightly Mandarin Fish dive. This photo was shot by Mike Heit, on 06 March 2010, at dusk:

Posted Image

The environment here is finger coral, which is also the Mandarin's home. This diver was fins in the coral, knees on the coral, and (later) laying on the coral. The coral was used as a nice compressable bean bag support for his video housing as you can see above. Pretty much, it was a swath of broken coral everywhere he went for an hour.

I do not know the name of this diver; he was part of a group from Belgium, and dove with a large Amphibico housing. This housing seemed to give him a sense of entitlement, as I witnessed him use it to push a shooter away from a subject they wre working, and "take over".

I should point out that others in this group from Belgium were nice folks, very courteous, and with great skillz - you'll notice the diver behind him has no issues with trim or buoyancy!

I'm posting this partly as a rant, and, in the hopes that some presssure from the internet may trickle through to them. Maybe, it will make them re-think their lack of skills and consideration for the environment.

All the best, James

PS - well, at least I feel better for getting it off my chest!