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In Topic: Post Processing Software Advice

Today, 07:04 AM

I started with Lightroom 1 and have now the current versin of CC.
I tried some other software but always returned to Lightroom, probably because i am lazy and like LR.
Regarding Photoshop, i have now LightRoom, Photoshop and Illustrator as a bundle plus Photoshop and Premiere Elements, so i use Photoshop as heavy editing solution.

You can safe some money downloading the opensurce, freeware GIMP, a very nice and old Photoshop clone.

In Topic: packing and transporting my rig

Today, 06:55 AM


Would any of you hesitate to pack 2 Ikelite housings in 1650 pelican case and check it in with the airlines?


I always (because i have to...) have parts of my photography rig as checked luggage.

- HugyFot D800 housing, arms, and macro port go in a Pelicase, all wrapped in bubble wrap and foam, spare parts go inside housing and macro port
- HP ZBook17, Hugyfor minidome, D800, 15mm, 24-70mm, 70-130mm - 105mm macro, 2 Z240, 2 external hard disks, chargers, cables, 1 SpeedLite 800 and other smaller stuff went in a LowePro Backpack (18 kilo)
If there where issues with carry-on weight i put all my lenses in the side pockets of my cargo pants and the other heavy stuff in a fisherman/photographers vest.
That make me look as a extremist with some exlosive stuff, but until now it worked like this


As the new carry on laws reduced carry on weight to 8kilos/17lbs i don't take the D800 anymore on flights, fly with less picky airlines or business class.

If i would have/like to then i would fit everything in a big PeliCase and check it inside a old, worn suitcase to hide it's content

That will be unfortunately the destiny of underwater photographers ... :-(


The main problem with checked-luggage is that max insured value is 3000$ and i did not found a company who is willing to insure checked-in luggage with photo gear.
For our british readers, Dive Master Insurance in England has a insurance who is 10% of the insured value, but only for british residents!



In Topic: transport of spare parts, tools etc.

15 April 2018 - 08:37 AM

I have the spare parts separated in small ziploc bags in a tupperware container with a hermetic closure so that it don't open accidentally.
The big dome port has another tupperware type hard plastic contaniner over it and it's held in place with 2 bungie straps.
This works great as it protect the port from scratches and bumps as the plastic avoids that something touches the glass.

Camera, housing, minidome, strobes and necessar cables go in a carry-on roller from Temba, heavy laptop goes in a messenger bag,
tray and arms and any less used stuff goes inside a pelicase in the dive suitcase. If suitcase is lost i stuill can shoot WA!
The new carry-on rules are a big PITA, but to be honest, on most of the overhead bins is written MAX 20 KILOS and my old carry on Lowepro Backpack was 17,

and there where several other carry-on stuff in the same overhead bin.

If i have the D800 rig with me i use photographers vest and put lenses and other heavy stuff in the pockets untill i passed the weighting station,
then it goes back in the backpack/trolley :evilgrin:



In Topic: Best option to backup and view RAW pictures while travelling?

09 April 2018 - 11:27 AM

I have a Surfacepro and are very happy with it.
But to be honest, for the price of a fast Surfacepro you may get a faster laptop/MacBook having a better keyboard.
However, the SurfacePro is a awesome machine, expensive but high quality and flawless working.

One 2GB disk and another identic one as backup will store all of your photos.
SSD Disks are expensive but sturdy, better for travelling purposes.

In Topic: Best backpaak or hard case suggestions

09 April 2018 - 11:18 AM

I used  2 different large backpacks and both worked fine.
As hauling around 40 lbs of photo gear, laptop, chargers, disks, d800 + prime lenses is rather annoying to my back so i got a trolley.
I can fit all my photo gear, disks and chargers plus my 17'' ZBook in it, don't have to carry it on my back.
Housing and arms goes in a Pelicase inside the dive suitcase.


Lately as the carry on laws get harder and harder i don't carry anymore my D800 hugyfot rig around the world,
my Lumix LX-100 is enough quality for my simple needs.
Eben if that bothers me a lot ....