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In Topic: Ikelite housing lens reflection problems

Yesterday, 06:38 AM

i used neoprene sleeves glued together from a old wetsuit on the neck of the port, this helped somehow.
Gaffer tape or maybe better self vulcanizing tape as it is watertight/proof will do the trick also.


In Topic: Hugyfot D800 Housing and Sigma 15mm Diagonal Fisheye

16 October 2014 - 11:46 PM

the problem with the Sigma 15mm EX DG is that it is a very short lens.
This lead that the 180° field of view may see the bayonet of the dome and this eliminate the possibility to use any extension rings.
I belive that also the Hugyfot 5D MKII housing will work fine with the original Hugyfot 8'' dome port, but only without any extension or adapter ring! To make sure please contact Hugyfot, they are very helpful! Chris


In Topic: Hugyfot housing for Nikon D7100

05 October 2014 - 08:42 AM

i Terry,

as i already wrote: write to info@hugyfot.com and ask Pascal Eeckhoudt directly.

Pascal is very helpful and will clear all your problems.


My 2013 D800 came with the same 2009 generic manual, but the basics are the same, tha handles are different and much more easy and sturdy.

The circuit board is the same and the settings as shown in the manual you have are the right ones.


Rechecking with my HugyFot housings i can confirm that:

Power from battery goes to lowest right connector J8 power Socket, both cables go lower pins, black left, red all right
LED goes to uppermost connector J2, violet cable uppermost pin

Strobe Bulkhead goes to upper central connector J3, cables looking upwards


Doublecheck that the connectors are the right way inserted!!!

Check that the Battery is the right way inserted!!!



In Topic: Hugyfot Mini Dome

01 October 2014 - 05:37 AM

Hi Steve,

what Tokina would you like to use?
Domes and Lenses are a combination working together or against each other.
Zoom lenses are usually more difficult to get in a dome than fixed lenses.
I have a Athena 170mm vario dome, made especially for zoom lenses and it worked well with the Tokina 12-24 mm.


In Topic: Hugyfot Mini Dome

30 September 2014 - 12:29 PM


i have the HugyFot MiniDome on my D800 rig and i love it.


First; keep in mind that the dome works good or not so good together with the lens you use, that is the main problem.


I use the MiniDome only with my Sigma 15 mm and i love this combination as it works well and is easy to travel with and under water it

create less drag than a big dome.


Main backdraw of a minidome is that you need to close the iris to get rid of soft corners,
but - at least with the HugyFot MiniDome and the Sigma 15mm  at f/stops higher than f/9 the go away.


I suggest you that you try the minidome and the lens you would like to use before you buy the dome to make sure that

the combination work.