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In Topic: Lighting options for 15mm sigma

Today, 04:49 AM

I use the Sigma 15mm with 3 INON Z-240 strobes (left - center - right to get 180° illuminated,

3 video lamps with soft corners and 100°+ beam with should also do the trick in clear water.
Keep in mind that you will need very powerful video lights to illuminate more than half a meter distant and poor viz make the use of the center strobe/light difficult.

CFWA would be possible with 2000 lumen lights, but as Adam mentioned, video with a fisheye, even the Sigma 15mm look wired due the distorted sides.

If you can keep your camera perfectly horizontal, center the subject and shoot in the blue or on sand, the distortions become somehow invisible



In Topic: Going from DX - 4/3s - FX - Compact, My Digital De-Evolution

22 May 2015 - 10:11 AM

I went underwater from Nikon D90-D7000-D800 and i am very happy with my D800 except the size and especially the weight.
There is a big difference how people will feel about upgrading or downstepping as the major hassle comes afloat when we travel,

when i go diving driving with my car to the location i have no issues with my big D800 rig, but as soon i have to take the plane then the things change rapidly.

I am scared to check one suitcase with 3000$ dive gear or a 10'000$ Rebreather and another suitcase with the 10'000$  camera in a Pelicase and

without a possibility to get a insurance for the gear.

So i carry at least the delicate camera and the lenses in a photo backpack as carry on. This works rather well in the USA as carry-on has no weight limit,

but in Europe his becomes a complete PITA as they limit carry-on to 8-10 kilos and excess kilos are charged at 20-40$ per kilo.

Also i start to become tired of hauling a 18 kilo backpack and a messenger bag with my 5 kilo workstation laptop (like a few days ago) so i start to consider

seriously to step down as well for the above reasons.

But it is very hard to step down from a D800 full frame to a compact camera as there is a abyss - especially topside - in quality and i am used to have a beefy DSLR in my hand,and not getting cramps from holding a compact


I will see now how my LX100 rig works in Sardinia and postpone the decision until i have reliable results of it's quality under good conditions.



In Topic: Locline. Does it always creak?

20 May 2015 - 01:01 AM

I normally use ULCS arms, but i agree with OP that continous positioning of clam arms is annoying.

I used 3/4 Locline arms and i most likely will buy another set for my small Nauticam LX100 rig as i use it mostly

while guiding to document special moments and often i don't have time to position the clamps and bending a locline arm is much quicker.

Also the vantage of Locline arms is that you can bend them around your housing to streamline the rig and that is important as i usually have it tucked under my armpit.
Another vantage is that you quickly can break them apart (and reconnect them) to use the strobe/lamp to illuminate from back or other far positions.


Regarding creak, yes they do creak, some more and some less and there is not very much to do. Silicon or dry Teflon spray may help with creak, but i fear that it will make them floppy.
Keep in mind that Locline elemets can be bought inexpensive as they are basically a rigid hose and often used to feed cooling fluid on milling machines and there are several types of them.
the only parts you need is the adapter to your tray and the adapter to your strobe or video light, more elements can be found in (online) tool shops


Davide DB: i think that Locline arms will bend/turn back on your scooter



In Topic: Fix Neo video lights, any flooding issues? as sealed as a sola?

15 May 2015 - 05:48 AM


there are unknown reason what happened, i guess a electronics failure.

As the plastic surroundings of the contact pins from the battery pack to the light heat "melted" so that the pins got stuck and could not make contact.

For this reason i guess that there was a too high current flowing leading to overheated pin's  melting the plastic around the pins.


one thing is clear that i did not used it on land and as the specs say the lamp has a overheat protection (what clearly did not worked)


Surface Use:
The Neo can be used on the surface. It has an automatic power reduction mode when the light gets hot so you do not have to worry about damaging the light while preparing for a night dive, or after getting out of the water.


Reef said mine was the only one with this defect and i could fine no other negative comments regarding overheating or melting contacts.


I really like this lamp for it's power and light spread, the size and the useful display and i am looking forward to use the new one successful back in Sardinia.



In Topic: Fix Neo video lights, any flooding issues? as sealed as a sola?

12 May 2015 - 10:57 AM

I have a Fix Neos 2500 DX and i am happy with it.

Small, powerful, external charging (like my Hartenberger torch), 1-100% dimmable, accurate runtime on display


Unfortunately there was a problem with overheating and the contacts melted leading first to flickering light and then sudden death.

Reef Photo and Video was as always quick in checking the problem and sending me a new one.


If you wash it well after diving there should be no problem with salt build up and you may open it once a year to control/maintenance/change the o-ring

I never had issues with my sealed Hartenberger so i guess that there won't be a problem with the FIX.


Reef just received the new Neos 3000 DX!