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In Topic: Strobe and exposure

05 July 2014 - 05:24 AM


welcome aboard!

1° Problem: Hotspot
    There are two possible solutions, the focus light or the strobe itself
    The white hotspot is most likely the light from your Nano LED focus light, even if this focus light should switch off when you take the picture but
    something probably don't work well.
    If the same issue occurs when you don't use the focus light it is the position of your strobe and only the lower intensity border of the strobe beam hit the coral

    while the center of the strobe beam hit above and lead to the overexposed area.


2° Problem: Strobe positioning
very near macro with a external strobe (if not a ring strobe) is difficoult using 1 strobe only as he has to be positioned very near the port.

     Using only 1 strobe in a 45° angle mostly lead to ugly shadows of the opposite side of the motive, positioning it above may work better.


3° Problem: Backscatter

     To reduce backscatter you need to position the strobe(s) at a 45° angle regarding the lens and as far out as possible so

      that the motive is hit only by the borders of the strobe beam


           \   o    /

o=Lens     \ + / = strobe(s)




- why don't you use sTTL? The S120 and the S2000 should work perfectly together using Tv or Av, Av to control depth of field, Tv to control dark backgrounds

- play with the exposure control settings: matrix, center weighted or spot  to see what gives you the best results

- backscatter and macro is difficult to control, photoshop is your friend ...

- If viz is good, the mix of the internal strobe and a external strobe can lead to very nice pictures



In Topic: Monitor Use

17 June 2014 - 12:35 AM


a external monitor is on my shopping list for 2 reasons:

1° i shoot more and more video with my D800 riga and a external monitor would e very helpful for that

2° my eyes become nearsighted and so a bigger monitor would help to have a better control over what i see and record

3° the bigger monitor would be helpful to take pictures with a rebreather as the big "mouthpiece" prevent to have the housing near in front of the eye


I belive that a external monitor with a zoom function would be very helpful and replace (for me) a viewfinder even if the optical quality is much lower.


I think that the main reason for the low use of external monitors is that good quality monitors are quite expensive and - if not using a tripod - make the camera harder to hold steady due it's additional weight.



In Topic: New Hugyfot Hugycheck

10 June 2014 - 10:58 AM

Very nice!
This will greatly improve the already almost perfect Vacuum Leak Detector from Hugyfot!

P.S. I hope they change the location of the circuitboard

In Topic: Aquatica - Nikon D7000 - 2xInon Z240 - OPTICAL CABLE

26 May 2014 - 09:28 AM


- some stupid questions:
Do you have peeled the black skin from the fiber optic cable to expose the white/transparent core to the light from the strobe?
Is the plug on the Acquatica free and not plugged with dirt?

Is the plug on the Z-240 clean and not plugged?


What type of fiber optic cable are you using?


When the D7000 internal strobe fires and the Inon not then you have a problem with the optical cable on one of the end plugs or the cable is broken between the 2 end plugs.
I had once a broken fiber optic cable on my D-2000 strobe and it drove me nuts to figure out what it is.

Try to fire the INON with another camera holding the optical cable in front of the strobe of another camera

Hold the Z-240 in front of the Camera without the fiber optic cable and take a picture. The Z-240 must fire in whatever position he is (as long he is switched on)!



In Topic: Aquatica - Nikon D7000 - 2xInon Z240 - OPTICAL CABLE

26 May 2014 - 12:46 AM


- don't connect anything to the hotshoe as this will disable the internal strobe

- if the internal strobe don't fire it is most likely not fully open. Check that with the open housing!
- check the menu settings that the internal strobe is enabled and set to TTL and full power. If it should work then you can reduce the power down to lowest power as it should be enough.

- if the internal strobe fires but the INON Z-240 are switched on and set to s-TTL not then check/swap/replace the optical cables
- Set the Z-240 to s-TTL and have the right knob in the out position


- When the internal strobe don't fires it is most likely because the internal strobe is not fully open.

- The INON fires always when he get a light tru the optical cable


I used the Z-240 on several cameras, including the D90, D7000 and now the D800 and never had problems that the INON did not fire.