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Keldan 8M CRI or 8X

26 September 2015 - 02:39 AM

Hello dear video gurus!

My buddy and cameraman is ready to pull the trigger to switch from the bulky Hartenberger HID video lights to Keldan 8M CRI or 8X.


Here some technical information about them:

Keldan 8M CRI

CRI: 95

Lumen: 8000

Candela 5400

Kelvin: 5600
Beam: 90°


Keldan 8X

CRI: unknown

Lumen: 10000

Candela 4300

Kelvin: 5000
Beam: 110°


After he spent hours investigating there are 2 doubts left to decide between the 8M or the 8X:


1° How important is the CRI? Does the 8M CRI version will lead to better colors or can the colors be adjusted with wihite balance and color grading during post production?

    I believe that the CRI matters and it would be worth to order the 8M CRI version, but i am not really sure about that


2° Is the difference of 2000 lumen at a 20° wider beam considerable more or not really useful in illumainating distance?

    I believe that 2000 lumen at 20° wider beam don't make a noticable difference in distance (but obviously in width)


Size and the less delicate housing with out the bulky dome of the 8M CRI would make the decision towards the 8X,
but the lower CRI may be a issue.


Thanks for any suggestions!





No New Posts

03 July 2015 - 09:55 AM

Hi there!

From a few days ago i experience that i get a "Sorry, no new content found" screen when i click on "View New Content".


As i don't believe that nobody is writing anything i fear that there is something wrong either with my computer or the Wetpixel server/my account.

Does somebody have a clue for that behaviour?




SubSee for D800 in Hugyfot housing?

11 May 2015 - 05:57 AM

Hi there!


Soon i will be back in Sardinia where my D800 housing is waiting patiently to get wet.

As i bought a SubSee +10 67mm tread macro wet lens for my LX100, i would like to know if somebody uses this combination and if so if he reccommend to get the holder.


Camera:  Nikon D800
Lens:      Nikon 105mm VRII
Housing: Hugyfot

Port:       Hugyfot 100mm diameter flat port

There are some 67mm holders for the above mentioned port available, but i don't want to pay for it to discover that it's not working good.




Hyperfocal distance for Lumix LX100?

05 April 2015 - 07:14 AM

Hi there!

Does somebody knows how to calculate the hyperfocal distance for the Lumix LX100 lens?

The lens is a Leica DC Vario Sumilux f/1.7-2.8 10.9-34mm (24-75mm) and has a multi-aspect four thirds sensor.


The autofocus is generally good and on works fine on land, but video autofocus under water works bad and using the right hyperfocal distance would help greatly.