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Olympus EPL-1 - problems with dark LCD screen

13 July 2014 - 02:43 AM

Hello all at Wetpixel,


I enjoyed a great week of photo opportunities at Anilao - a site with great biodiversity and and a great variety of divesites - must return one day.  It was my first trip with my new EPL-1 and, as I have always done with previous cameras, I shoot on full manual. I found generally the LCD to be very dark indeed, despite a bright Intova focus light. Particularly so on F22 when I was shooting macro. The LCD is clearly a reflection of how the camera 'sees' the exposure - obviously the camera presents an exposure preview - the LCD lightens up when prefocussing but then darkens again once focus is set. I brightened the LCD up as much as possible, but it was very hard to find subjects in such a dark LCD.  My buddy with a similar camera uses Aperture priority and has no such problems.  But I am loathe to go to Aperture priority and lose full control. Anyone know of any way to bypass this exposure preview so that the LCD remains bright...?  Many thanks. 

A diffuser stole my power!

06 June 2014 - 02:13 AM

A diffuser stole my power!
Hello Alex and crew. I'm off to fabulous Aiyanar Resort, Anilao in a few weeks and wanting to sort this problem out as I would prefer to use a diffuser using macro. Actually I'm leading a group of 32 and am really looking forward to some great critter dives. But....I'm having problems with the Inon .5 stop diffuser on d180 strobe. I find that, if I use this diffuser it underexposes everything by about 4 stops (not .5) but only when I use the strobe on auto. On auto this diffuser cannot work properly with this strobe. If I return the strobe back to manual function full power is restored and I get perfectly exposed shots with very little loss of power (.5 stop if fairly difficult to pick). It is as if the auto sensor gets too much light fed back into it by refraction and 'backsplash' off the diffuser. There is a small hole in the diffuser to allow the sensor to function, but I think there must be a considerable light flow backsplash that fools the sensor into shutting the strobe off prematurely. Anyone else experience this. Any comments..? I'm thinking of either drilling the hole out larger the avoid light backsplash into it, or perhaps blacking out the edges of the whole. Any comments..?

Many thanks,

Alan Wiggs