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25 June 2013 - 01:23 AM



I do not like to write reviews :)

To be specific – I do not like to write long, detailed reviews.

So … if scroll down directly to the point:

My warmest Thank You, Rob and Cindy and 
Thank You Truk Stop Dive Center crew

That is, basically, it. And the following are IMHO bells and whistles, skip it if not interested  :evilgrin: 


This May dive trip to Lagoon was one of my best. BTW, I am real Lagoon addict and I am there every year since 2007 at least once a year … and twice a year, if I am lucky at work. So my knowledge about Lagoon’s services and conditions could be rated as “more than an average tourist level”.

Let’s look at the bullet points:

• Where in Lagoon you can have twin set and deco stages (as many as you need), filled as accurate as you ordered precisely at the time? Answer: only Truk Stop (Thanks Rob and Teno)
• Who in Lagoon is maintaining real clean technical filling station? Answer: only Truk Stop
• Where in Lagoon you have cheapest helium, due to Haskel pump equipped into filling station? Answer: only Truk Stop
• To what DC in Lagoon you can come with very specific demands (as myself, doing video, carrying annoying large/bright lights, stopping under water often to get proper video capture, ignoring common “tourist” path through the wrecks due to video) and get the dive guide/buddy, professional, who appreciates your needs and takes full care about your stupidity? Answer: only Truk Stop (my deepest Thanks to Rob).
• Who in Lagoon can show you different Nippo, different Fuji, different Heian – who can show you underwater Lagoon with the difference? Answer: Rob. The only.
• Who in Lagoon really takes care about the buddy, even analyses your setup and gives you valid concern (even you have already a thousand dives behind you)? Answer: Rob. You can rely on him.
• Who is the Manager in Lagoon, who answers you every question via email before you come and reminds you all “small things” which you may forget, and reserve every small piece for you, and saves you dive with spare hose (when yours is broken through the dives)? Answer: Cindy (my warmest Thanks to Cindy).

• Who in Lagoon definitely cares about wrecks and wrecks conservation? Who never damage or broke a thing, never move the bone? Who wants to keep the wrecks as they are, to be able to show them to you and to your next generation? Answer: Rob, Cindy and the Truk Stop DC crew. The only.

Well… Are there any more questions why I am returning to Truk Stop every year for last six and going to continue to go to the only Truk Stop?

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24 June 2013 - 12:19 AM

Never heard about Japanese Restaurant there. 

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23 June 2013 - 07:38 AM

First out from May 2013 trip - 

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27 January 2013 - 06:22 PM

Well ... I am not saying it will not work, I am saying - complex and has a lot of space for problems. Personally I would not ditch main equipment and change the setup under water, unless it is absolutely necessary. I would rate Oite's engine penetration as real cave dive and plan accordingly. My choice for that dive would be sidemount (if I do not have camera) or backmount (if I do). And I would never enter Oite's engine room with single tank, even a dozen of tanks waiting for me on a deck. Remember, that Oite's sistership - Fumitzuki - already has taken three lives recently off the people who thought they can go inside with singles. And Fumitzuki is just about 40msw.

Yes, you can penetrate the sub. Sidemount will do, not rebreather or twins. Different, but as complex as Oite's engine and not much to see.

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26 January 2013 - 04:38 PM

I've used set of twins 11lt Ally backmount, leaving only one deco stage on the deck. Sidemount will work too. You want proper trimix for this dive, the average engine room depth is 61msw, you may easily hit max 64msw. It is narrow, silty, 9/10 of the way is with no natural light access, you have to move very slowly, most places you can not turn (only move forward and back with the fins); hence you definitely have to know what are you doing. If you will really convince Rob that you are on skills - he may choose to guide you directly to the entrance point and you are on your own from there.

I am back in this May too, in Truk Stop till 16th. Are you one of two guys coming of Odyssey on 19-20?