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In Topic: Need help: Nikon D300, Inon Z-240's, Sea & Sea TTL converter

31 May 2011 - 12:48 PM

So, I ditched the Sea & Sea TTL converter, and am using the fiber optic cables. While shooting in manual scares me a bit (always had TTL with film and my Nikonos 105's), I think I have it figured out. I set the camera on Manual, and program the camera's internal flash to fire at about 1/100 (can't recall the exact setting...the camera is packed away, leaving for a trip in 2 days). I also set the camera's menu to allow flash to sync as high as 1/320th. Set the Inon's to M, and set the "right dial" of the Inon's so it's at the 12 o'clock position (as a starting point). BE SURE TO PUSH DOWN AND LOCK THE "AUTOMATE" BUTTON ON THE LOWER RIGHT HAND OF THE STROBE. Then, just set a reasonable shutter speed and f-stop (for macro, I sync the camera to 1/125-1/250th, aperature F11-16, take the picture, and look at the histogram. Adjust f-stop or strobe power accordingly. If the picture is too light, turn the small right dial on the top right of the strop clockwise from the previous 12 o'clock position. For wide angle, with the strobes turned off, take a reading off some blue water, adjust the iso/f-stop/shutter speed until the camera's meter reads a good exposure, turn the strobes on, take a shot. Adjust the STROBE's right dial to either add or subtract power of the strobes, or move the strobes back from the subject to get a proper exposure. THIS WORKS. GOOD LUCK. Just FYI, with the camera's internal flash set very low, I was able to take rapid succession photos (in macro). For what it's worth, I found Martin Edge's book "The Underwater Photographer" a great help.

Scott Oslund

In Topic: H20 Photo Pros, Mike Luzansky out of business

23 December 2010 - 12:11 PM

I purchased over $9000 worth of gear from H2OPhotoPros. After long delays and several mix-ups, the equipment finally arrived, but not before my Citibank card was charged over $30,000. Fortunately, the charge was not processed, and I received an immediate notification from the credit card company. In addition to the equipment, Mike Luzansky (H2OPP owner) promised me a Think Tank bag (value $300). I have never received this bag despite waiting more than 3 months, multiple emails and unreturned phone calls. I then filed a complaint with Nauticam USA (the housing was Nauticam), informing them of the issue. I got an immediate response back from Nauticam, and within minutes of this email, got an email from Mike Luzansky stating that a Think Tank bag was on it's way. Now, he has made such promises multiple times without delivering the goods. As someone has noted, his word does not appear to have much value.

I will say he was very helpful when I was trying to put together a housing outfit, and other than the Think Tank bag, everything arrived in excellent condition. He seems quite knowledgable about U/W photography. Unfortunately, the follow through is lacking.

There is a similar threat at Scuba Board http://www.scubaboar...l-business.html