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Need help: Nikon D300, Inon Z-240's, Sea & Sea TTL converter

11 May 2011 - 09:23 PM

I just made the U/W transition to digital. Purchased the gear from a guy who has since gone out of business.

The gear: Nauticam housing, Nikon D300, Inon Z-240 (2 of them), Sea & Sea TTL converter for Nikon, fiber optic cables (as well).

My questions: to shoot S-TTL with the Inon's: what should the camera/in-camera-flash settings be? (I have both fiber optic and the S & S converter for Nikon. I simply am not able to get any decent test shots [in my living room!] with the S & S converter, so I have learned to shoot on manual with the fiber optic cables.) To get to TTL digitally, can I use manual settings in camera, or am I relegated to a Program mode in order to get S-TTL (Inon's version of TTL) to work? (Prior to digital, I had a Nikon 8008 in a Tussey housing; set camera to Manual, but SB 105's to TTL, and it worked beautifully; is there a digital equivalent to this?)

Next, what should the settings of the S & S converter be? There are 4 letters (A-D).

Finally, I assume the Inon's should be set to S-TTL, but I just couldn't get the D300+Inon+Sea & Sea converter to produce a decent shot (all very dark). I'm sure the settings I've used are just wrong, but I can't seem to come up with right "recipe" for this combination.

Using just the fiber optics, what should the Nikon camera/pop-up-flash settings be in order to get to S-TTL?

This is my first set of Inon strobes, and the 2 manuals are HORRIBLE.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Scott Oslund