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#323784 Final personal conclusions on D800 + Sea&sea

Posted by kmsellin on 04 January 2013 - 02:20 AM


Nice rapports guys!! I am useing the same gear right now and are testing it out. I have upgrade from D300s to the D800. In the same time almost change every lens...

Right now I am using...

Sea and Sea MDX Housing
Dual S&S YS110a strobes
TTL Converter III
Optical port and diffrent macroports.
Lenses is 60mm, Nikon 105VR, Sigma 15mm, Nikon TC 2.0x III Converter. ( I have sold my Kenko converters, both 1.4x and 2.0x)

So far I have just tested the equipment in pool and alot on land of course. My opinion is splited. When it works, results i magic! I have compared directly with D300s, and the different i clear! Specially on land, with Nikon 70-200/2.8 the pictures is eyecatching! But on the downside I find it more diffcult to put focus perfect.

I am trying out the D800 quite hard. Right now in snow and really cold conditons. I let camera even to be in the snow just to check the weather sealing. The more I use the Camera, the more I lovet it. Specially the DR and resolution. I will go to Norway in end of Januari and really try the camera out in cold water.

Its a really minus that S&S didnt include leaksensor in this housing!

Here is an picture from D800 + Nikon 70-200.


#323608 Tokina 10-17 on D800 - how useful?

Posted by kmsellin on 01 January 2013 - 06:35 PM

I have actually tried this topside. But not underwater... When I got my D800 and Sigma 15mm I used tripod and compared against a wall and also against flowers. I tested sigma in 15mm in FX mode, and the Tokina in both DX mode and also in zoomed in FX mode. My results...

First impression is, not so much diffrent. But when you zoom in, there is actually BIG diffrent! Against the wall I could see details in the sigma that not the tokina good show. My results is that I now have sold the tokina....
But, for the most use I will honest say that the Tokina is more than you often need. I have been taken pictures with the Tokina that I really love. Its a very good lens and I have been used it with D80, D300s.

For me upgrading to FX was mostly that I needed a new challange in photo. Somehow I use the camera much more right now, both topside and underwater. I needed something new, and when it comes to quality from the D800 I can see really different! But the D300s felt more save and easy somehow. But anyway, its diffrents between this two lenses.