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In Topic: GATES HVX200 Housing plus Panasonic HVX200A camera

06 February 2012 - 10:51 AM

Hello all,

Now I'm really confused.

I asked gates customer services just to be sure, here is the answer,

Here is the info you need:

The HVX200 HOUSING takes the SWP44 which is no longer made.
The HVX200A housing takes the SWP44C which is a current product (retails for

The difference had to do with the field of view on the camera (which is
something like 5 degrees wider on the A) and the set back of the camera
inside the housing itself.

The HVX200A housing supports either camera.

So housing will fit both, hvx200 & 200A, SWP44C is designed to fit hvx200A.
What is not said is if SWP44C will fit on hvx200, which is supposed to be 3.4mm more long in wide angle position. I guess it should fit but not sure.
If someone find the answer i'm interested as an hvx200 owner.