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In Topic: Bigblue lights feedback

13 July 2017 - 05:56 PM

At the risk of hijacking Davide's thread . . . honestly I would not bother with an older 8 AA model for a focus light. I got a similar light long ago, also huge and heavy.  Then I replaced it with one of these from Big Blue that uses only 3 AAA and weighs nothing but puts out higher quality light even if rated the same output.  The LEDs are so much better now, and cheaper. Big Blue also has a few models that can be focused from wide angle to narrow spot.



Now I use a model from iTorch that also has genuine red light, like Sola, and like it so much better.  The ability to power down to lower intensity is really useful, especially at night.  


Anyway, there's a separate thread for focus lights so perhaps we should move over there:








In Topic: Bigblue lights feedback

13 July 2017 - 01:05 PM

I don't use video lights, but have a couple of their general-purpose lights.  They are built like tanks, very well made, highly durable, and reliable.

In Topic: Fishing at Anilao: bad and getting worse

11 July 2017 - 04:59 PM

I've been having intensive discussions over the past few days with a number of people keenly interested in finding some constructive solutions. The goal will be to start forming a coalition of those with real skin in the game - resorts who pay taxes and employ locals, government offices charged with environmental protection and marine safety, conservation NGOs, the dive pro association.  


I think it would be premature and counterproductive to start publicly naming and shaming (though that option isn't ruled out). One clarification for those not familiar with standard operating procedures here: most resorts don't own and operate the bancas, they arrange with local boat owners and DMs on a day-hire basis. I guess many are not even aware that some crews are fishing while guests are diving. 


We want to make this about protecting the commons for safe and responsible joint use.  It cannot be an anti-fishing campaign. Livelihoods for poor communities trump UW tourism, even if they can be mutually reinforcing.  


As for travel to Anilao, I did not mean to discourage it although I can see that my post probably creates such an impression.  We need to address the conflicts but the diving is very good and December is a great time to be here. 

In Topic: Black Background

10 July 2017 - 02:26 PM

I would really like to get this technique to work for me, but so far have only made a mess trying it.  Given the cone of light that is output by strobes, if the edge of the beam lights the subject then it is guaranteed to light up the water and particles between the lens and subject.  Maybe if the subject is very close, this is less important, but I still get unacceptable backscatter.  Any tips for success?  

In Topic: Anilao lens choice

09 July 2017 - 09:09 PM

I can't tell you which closeup lens is better as I only have the Subsee +5.  But as you're interested in macro I can tell you the kind of targets you are likely to encounter: pygmy and regular seahorses, nudibranchs of every size, anemonefish eggs, ghost pipefish, shrimp of every kind (anemone, Coleman's, bumblebee, emperor, cleaner), crabs of many kind (porcelain, orangutan, xenia), crinoid shrimp, squat lobsters, bobtail squid, and the list goes on.  I use a 60mm lens on m4/3 about half the time and add the Subsee +5 the rest of the time, and never feel the need for more magnification or working distance.