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In Topic: a tale of two octopi

Yesterday, 10:59 PM

Thanks for your comments.  I also like the second shot, in fact, the first one is blah but the shrimp is very sharp!  If I had any Photoshop skills at all, which I don't, I might try swapping the two shrimp.  Thanks also for the test suggestion - I will have to try that.


I usually shoot at f16 or higher for macro (which has been 95% of my experience) but I read somewhere that this WA lens does not perform well at smaller apertures.  I will have to experiment to find out if that is true.  I should have done it on this dive!

In Topic: Camera choice

Yesterday, 06:29 PM

I would highly recommend searching for sample images taken with the gear you are considering. Particularly with wet lenses like the Inon, my experience has been that the reality consistently underperforms the specs on paper.  


Re your interest in the Olympus, I posted some comparisons of the 60 mm macro versus the 12-50mm lens in 43 mm macro mode, both with and without diopters, here:




By the way, if your primary interest is macro, have a look at the Inon S-2000 strobe.  It is really excellent for that job, very compact and easy to use, and much less expensive than the Z-240.  But if you think you might also shoot WA from time to time, better to start out with the more powerful strobe. 

In Topic: Philippines diving advice

24 July 2016 - 12:35 AM

Yep, Anilao for macro.  There are other good macro destinations (Dumagete, Puerto Galera, etc) but they don't have anything you won't find in Anilao.  You can also find decent WA opportunities at a few sites there. The archives here are full of advice on good resorts at various price points. 


Malapascua is a must-visit destination for the threshers.  Go to Coron for wrecks if you're into that.  Apo Island near Dumagete can be good too and is extremely laid back. Depending on the time of year, Moalboal for sharks and a sardine run but not in August.  The liveaboards don't go out to Tubbataha in August unfortunately. 


Just be aware that the weather in August can be highly unpredictable and a typhoon could keep you on the beach for a few days (or more).  one of the good things about Anilao is that there are diveable sites regardless of which way the weather is coming from.  Not so for the other sites. 

In Topic: Local quarry - Newb with first real camera

21 July 2016 - 12:08 AM

By the way, if you're shooting without a strobe, don't try to use the pop-up flash in iAuto mode. The camera isn't smart enough to know you're in murky water and that flash won't illuminate anything more than a foot away, if that. Turn off the flash and use Program mode, then experiment with Aperture priority also if you get the chance. But as you already know, you won't be happy without real light. 

In Topic: Local quarry - Newb with first real camera

19 July 2016 - 12:24 AM

Fish portraits are tough, if the subject is moving (as it usually is!).  I've found that it really helps to use the single extra-small focus point.  You can enable this through the super control panel, select focus mode, then use the info button to cycle through the options.


A smaller aperture is almost always better in these cases, at least until you can ensure focus on the eyes.  But if the vis is poor and you don't have a strobe, you'll want to set ISO to automatic so that the shutter doesn't drop too slow. Don't let the ISO get too high though, there's too much noise beyond 800.