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In Topic: Tentative gear selection...how am I doing?

Today, 02:04 PM

I shoot with a m4/3 system so my macro lens is a 60mm which is equivalent to 90mm on a DX system. It's a great lens for really small stuff and has the reach to keep back a little from skittish critters.


The right diopter was a challenging choice. I found it very hard to choose as there are not many comparisons on line.  In the end i was able to borrow the Subsee +5 and +10 and test them on my camera, you can see the results at the link. i use the +5 most of the time, as it gives a little more working distance and makes lighting easier.  But this is specific to my lens/camera, so advice from someone with your combo would be a lot more useful!



In Topic: Tentative gear selection...how am I doing?

24 February 2017 - 09:12 PM

You don't say what kind of photos you want to shoot, but I infer from the lenses that you want to do both macro and wide angle. I personally would not like the 40mm lens for macro work, or for that matter for general use, as it seems an awkward focal length for UW lighting, too long for WA and too short for macro.  I would go for more reach and/or magnification plus easier lighting (if you're within an inch of your subject, it's tough to get the strobe right). Depending on where you're going and what you hope to shoot, a 60 or 105 lens is likely to make your macro work more productive, and if you're after really tiny critters, maybe even a wet diopter like the SubSee or others.


More importantly, tell us about this "great opportunity" that has fallen in your lap and where we can find ours - good luck!

In Topic: Packing tips for travelling around SE Asia, Indonesia, Australia

24 February 2017 - 02:05 AM

Be aware that it's not just Qantas that can be strict in Cairns and Sydney, Virgin can be even stricter. All airports in Oz have the potential to weigh and measure at the gate, even if you get past check-in. I've always been lucky but I have also seen those who haven't. Contingency plans are essential.

In Topic: My first shots - Macro and CFWA help and advice needed

21 February 2017 - 10:24 PM

Not bad for an early outing!  Lots to be happy about.


You don't say how you are controlling your strobes - manual or TTL?  That will make a big difference in the advice people offer. 


Your macro shots are pretty good.  They do have a sort of "floodlit" look to them though, I'd suggest trying to use the edges of your strobe lights or even turn one off (or way down) some of the time to add more shadow textures and dimensionality. 


For the WA shots, first you need to expose for ambient light, then use the strobes to highlight part of the scene.  Your first example is a good one, but  (assuming the original was shot as a vertical) it looks like the bottom strobe was much closer to the reef than was the top strobe.  It's very easy to make this mistake when shooting upward toward the surface.  The strobes should be in a plane parallel to the subject you are lighting - in this case pull the bottom one back and push the top one forward. Unless the strobes are evenly distanced from the subject, this is what happens.  I have many such examples myself! 


The other two WA shots look like you were just too far away. There is some illumination at the bottom but little to none at the top.  Light falls off very quickly underwater.  Also, if you're using TTL, it is very hard to get right for these kind of shots, and you're better off going manual. 


I'd recommend Alex Mustard's recent book, as its the most user-friendly explanation I have found for strobe placement.  Martin Edge's book is also very good.  Here are a few other web resources:







In Topic: How do you keep track of which photos are shot with wet diopters?

16 February 2017 - 04:23 AM

I'm curious why "the right answer was always +10".  I have both and find the +5 is almost always a better choice (magnification is not much less and working distance is greater making lighting easier).  Maybe different lenses?  I'm using the Oly 60mm macro on m4/3.