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In Topic: Macro Dive in Tulamben-Bali : where Dive Guide can make the difference .

18 April 2018 - 02:01 PM

Thanks too for the links to the setup.  Really interesting stuff.  I might have a new project . . . .

In Topic: Macro Dive in Tulamben-Bali : where Dive Guide can make the difference .

17 April 2018 - 02:14 PM

Wow, this is spectacular work!  Not only technically amazing but also aesthetically very nice as well.  Thanks a lot for sharing your images!


I really like the pair of leafy pipefish, and would love to know more about the your setup to produce such an image.  I'm not able to imagine how it works with a snoot.  Do you happen to have a photo of your assembled rig?


The suupermacro shots are really something too.  I doubt most of us have seen anemonefish eggs at that level of detail. 

In Topic: transport of spare parts, tools etc.

14 April 2018 - 11:55 PM



May I ask what ThinkTank backpack you use. I am still looking for a travelling solution for my new to me Em5+ Nauticam 7"domeport and 12-50mm flatport. I am especially wondering how people manage to get past the extreme luggage restrictions on smaller planes. I'm going to Saba next year, and they have 3 kg hand luggage limit... Most pack packs already weigh 1.5kg.


I can just fit my E-M5 in a Nauticam housing with 60mm lens and macro port, a Subsee diopter, a 150mm dome port, two Z240 strobes, a 7-14 lens, a 10" tablet, and a few other bits and pieces in one of these Case Logic backpacks.  It's cheap, light, and gets the job done, although with all that gear it probably weighs 6 kg or a bit more once loaded. 





Given that the camera, housing, lens, and port together weigh about 1.8 kg, and any bag at least 1 kg, it's going to be tough getting under 3 kg total.  Maybe put a neck strap on it, wear aboard, and pretend it's just a really large camera ;-)

In Topic: Action/Lifestyle Photography

07 April 2018 - 02:43 PM

It was loftus that I was thinking of.  Here's a post of his pool setup, he's also put up many samples of his shoots:



In Topic: Action/Lifestyle Photography

07 April 2018 - 12:28 AM

FWIW, there used to be a guy around here who posted a lot on UW fashion shoots, including photos of his setup and safety advice. Try searching on keywords like fashion and model.