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In Topic: SOLD: Aquatica 40D/50D Housing

05 August 2010 - 07:57 AM

2008 Aquatica complete system for Canon 40D / 50D.
$ 2,995.00
I am selling a used system that has been thoroughly tested and proven to be 100% reliable. Customized machine work done on knobs, handles and camera tray. The housing has been well maintained but the exterior paint does show some minor signs of wear.

Housing w/ double nikonos bulkheads
Aqua View eye piece
Standard eye piece
MF Macro port
AF Macro port
6" Dome & shade
8" Dome & shade
Moisture Alarm (never used)
Sea & Sea Sync cords
Various port extensions & zoom gears to accommodate the following lenses: canon 60, canon 100, sigma 17-70, sigma 28-70, canon 10-22 & tokina 10-17.

Selling as a complete set only.
Payment via PayPal.
Freight prepaid within continental USA.

I may be interested in this one..
Please Email me
I can pay via pay pal and I Have adress @ Miami.