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ULCS Old Style clamps 4

04 August 2013 - 04:57 PM

I have 4 ULCS old style clamps for sale $15 a piece or $50 for all 4. Good working shape.  

Think Tank Photo Bag, Airport Acceleration: perfect for carry on

02 August 2013 - 01:14 AM

Great bag fits everything you need for your dive photo trip: DSLR Housing, strobes, lenses, arms, ports etc. $120

ULCS Tripod barely used $130 (legs optional for addl $55)

24 July 2013 - 10:19 PM

Excellent condition. Has seen very little use.

Scubacam Fiber Optic Snoot $150

24 July 2013 - 10:14 PM

GREAT Snoot. Scubacam is a company out of Singapore that makes excellent products. Works perfect for the Inon Z240 which is what I used it on. Screws on to existing strobe diffuser mounts with supplied screws. I would not be getting rid of this if I hadn't already sold my entire set up.

FS: Awesome Complete Nikon D7000 Package: Nauticam, Zen dome, etc

28 June 2013 - 09:09 PM

You can pretty much shoot anything with this package from ultra wide (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) to Super Macro. I love this set up, but I  am selling because I am moving, and need to make  some changes in my life financially. This whole set up is worth over $15,000 and I would like to get 2/3rds of that, but I am willing to talk. I am not interested in breaking the package up at this point. But if someone makes me an offer for the housing alone, that I like, then it will follow that I can sell the rest individually. Thanks for looking!



Nikon D7000 (Live view button sticks, but otherwise great shape): R: $1000, S: $500

Nauticam D7000 (great shape, never flooded): R:$3200, S:$2400

Nauticam 45 Finder: R:$950, S:$700

Ext Ring 30: R:$290, S:$200

Ext Ring 20: R:$280, S:$190

Nauticam 8” Acrylic Dome Port: R:$590, S:$200

Zen 100mm mini dome: R:$900, S:$650

Macro port 60 with 67mm thread (w/scratches on glass; not noticeable in pics): R:$360, S:150

Subsee +10 diopter: R:$225, S:$150

Subsee +5 diopter : R$195, S:$100

Nikon 105mm: VR: R:$900 S:$800

Nikon 60mm: AFS R:$559 S:$400

Nikon 40mm: R:$280, S:$200

Tokina 10-17mm: R:$669, S:$500

Nikon 10-24mm: R$810, S$700

Inon Z240 R:$800, S:$550

Inon Z240 R:$800, S:$550

ULCS DB-B08 08” buoyancy arm: R:$56, S:$35.00

ULCS DB-B08 08” buoyancy arm: R:$56, S:$35.00

ULCS PAN+TILT Tripod head: R$185, S$125

ULCS DB-08 ARM: R$48, S$30

ULCS DB-08 ARM: R$48, S$30

ULCS DB-05 ARM: R$48, S$30

ULCS DB-05 ARM: R$48, S$30


Sola 800: R$500, S$400


ULCS clamp X 8: R$240, S$160 (or $20 each)

ULCS hot shoe mount ball R$35, S$20

ULCS AD SS: R:$25 S:$15

Inon focus light LE550W R:$250, S$125

Nauticam Fiber Optic Cable R$100

Nauticam Fiber Optic Cable R$100

Nauticam Rope Handle with ball mounts R$100

Nauticam Zoom Gear 10-24mm:R$175

Nauticam Zoom Gear 10-17mm: R$155

Stix Float Pack R$35

Kenko 1.4X Teleconverter: R$259


R: $15,279, S$10,000 OBO


Pics to follow shortly