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In Topic: How do I optically connect two Inons Z240 to a Nikon D70

31 December 2009 - 11:11 AM

I cant understand the diagram. How does it relate to the pop up flash. What do you have to do to get to the switch to aler it.

The picture shows the inside mechanism of the pop-up flash. You can access it taking out the cover of the flash. This simple switch tells the camera if the pop-up flash is in or out. Normally the part called "operator" moves inside the "switch" and opens and closes it. What I did was, using small pliers, to modify the curve of the "switch" part so that the switch is operated at half extension of the pop-up flash instead of full extension.

Got it?

In Topic: doubt with cords

07 September 2009 - 03:51 AM

Hi jcclink,
I always use the on-board flash set to TTL mode, but I can set to manual & power settings from full to 1/128th too.
Does your external flashes work on TTL mode setting on-board to 1/100th ?
I tried this a long time ago but didnīt work.

If you want to shoot on S-TTL you need to put the internal flash in TTL mode. Here you can see the settings.
If you would rather shoot in manual or in external auto, you can set the internal flash to whatever, as the Inon will only use it as trigger sync.

In Topic: How do I optically connect two Inons Z240 to a Nikon D70

28 August 2009 - 06:33 AM

I've trying this for about 20 dives this summer, and it just works ok! No more need for electrical conection, very cheap and accurate TTL for macro, and easy change from TTL to manual during the dive.


In Topic: Fisheye to rectilinear conversion?

28 August 2009 - 01:02 AM

You can convert RAW with the PS plug-in and then work in 16bit with PT Lens as PS plug-in. Or simply use the PS tool to convert from fisheye to rectilinear.

In Topic: How do I optically connect two Inons Z240 to a Nikon D70

07 July 2009 - 11:31 AM

Well, yes, normally the pop-up flash must be completely extended to work. But I searched the internet for information on that, and I found some people explaining the functioning of the strobe to solve the problem. I used the info for exactly the opposite: you just need the slightly modify the curve of the switch shown on the attached picture so it closes contact when the strobe is just opened. It has worked perfectly for me.

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Ok, so, it seems I should point both optic cables to the pop-up flash.

Gudge, when you say B you mean twelve o'clock? Ok, I was pointing the power dial to Optical TTL (nine) so that may be the reason why I wasn't completely satisfied. Thanks!