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19 August 2015 - 03:00 PM

I have used the 5DS R for a whopping total of four dives.  Compared to the 5D III, the 5DS R provides much more detail, IMHO.  The Todd Winner review shows amazing detail, compared with previous cameras.  One advantage of the 5DS R for macro is that you can shoot without a wet lens (diopter), resulting in a better depth of field than with a wet lens.  Then crop.  Resulting image is the same effective focal length, but with better DOF, and better sharpness and more detail.  Focus is critically important with the 5DS R.  I personally think the 5DS R is worth the extra money (compared to the 5D III), and is ideal for macro and WA photography as well.  For me, it was like comparing a 1080p image to a 4K image.  Astounding difference in detail!