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In Topic: DIY LED trigger flash

29 May 2011 - 12:11 AM

I'm very interested in this idea...I'm waiting for the 5D MKIII to arrive, and don't want to switch to electrical connections. Looking forward to the update!

I finally got around making a prototype hot shoe optical trigger that fits my Sea & sea DX-G1 housing.

* A single 1ms flash pulse is provided by the camera in all modes - this means no eTTL. Only a single flash, no pre flashes. This is fine for me as I set the YS110 in "Manual2" and adjust power on the flash directly.
* On land, I got a hit rate of 10/10

I'll get back with more details as soon as I have verified results in water too.

The DX-G1 is painfully slow when handling raw-files, so I don't seem to shorten the time between shots. But the camera battery should last much longer, and I don't need to ducttape the housing to prevent back-scatter from the internal flash. It will be interesting to see if the hit rate of the YS110 gets better.


In Topic: DiveRite Travelpac

31 March 2011 - 07:31 PM

Adam - I've been diving the TransPac with the TravelEXP wing for about 15 months. The unit is constructed of very heavy duty materials (A-), and there is little corrosion after that time (A-). I love the compactness of the Travel EXP wing for single tank diving (A-, as I'd still like to to be smaller). I removed the crotch strap, even though it's not recommended by the manufacturer, as I'm a minimalist. In so doing, I've ended up with a rig that's less stable than my old Scubapro XTek. When you rotate from face down to sideways, the whole load shifts (D). The tank does not budge from the BCD position with the double tank bands, though (A). The unit is very configurable (A), which is great if you can figure out how to optimpally adjust the top of the shoulder strap attachment position, and the lower adjustment. I've watched the video, and was able to get if fairly close. Underwater, it seems perfect, but carrying the tank on hikes is not very comfortable ©. Wearing the BCD on land without a wetsuit, the lower part of the lumbar pad sometimes folds over, exposing the skin to uncomforatble velcro. Overall, I'm used to it now, but I still liked the better fit and control of the Xtex (which is now made only with a back plate).

The TravelPac is a one-piece, newer unit that has the wing permanently integrated and is slightly lighter...good luck, and let us know what you think!


After 10 years, my trusty Scubapro Glide 2000 is beginning to give up on me. I have looked at the options available to me locally (want to fit a bcd before purchasing so internet is a no-no for me) and basically narrowed it down to a Dive Rite Travelpac and a Scubapro T-force.
As I am not really familiar with Dive Rite i was wondering if anyone here has used the Travelpac and what the experience has been like - i did find some older posts about the transpac harness, but nothing on the travelpac. I am told that the travelpac is basically a transpac harness with a travel exp wing, but without the versatility of changing the wing. I do all of my diving in tropical waters and with a single 12l tank, occasionally strapping a 4l pony to the tank and was told that it would be OK so not being able to change the wing for a bigger one is a non-issue for me.

I will get a chance to try a travelpac (although a size or two too large for me - which is why I am still asking for long term use opinions) in a few days to see if I am happy with a back wing, as i have only done a handful of dives with backplate/wing as part of a course in the past but that was with twin tanks, never tried a wing set-up with a single tank though so i want to test the 'being pushed forward theory' for myself.

At the moment the + points of both my options are as follows:

Scubapro: Familiarity

Dive Rite: weight, versatility (except for the wing options), lower profile, price.

Familiarity is a very strong point hence any opinions you can offer on the travelpac will be much appreciated and can sway the decision either way.

PS. I am not trying to start a jacket vs wing discussion.



In Topic: Brand new Nauticam 550D housing flooded due to rocker button fault

28 August 2010 - 07:20 PM

Here's a photo of the machine screw that loosened, causing the leak. For those of you who don't think a recall is necessary, here's a quote from a dealer e-mail: "Nauticam is investigating a mechanical fix for this in future housings. Loctite is messy, and can complicate service work at a later date...".

While I truly hope that no more housings leak, this screw is subject to vibration, and will loosen with a lot of use of the toggle lever. I've designed and built systems for high-vibration environments, and you can never have too many lock washers, and if those fail, lock tite!

Benthichi or WT
If you have a chance, can you put up a picture of the assembly? So others can know what to look for.

As for a recall, seeing how there are 2 incidents that we know of, it may be just a bad batch or something that's not pandemic throughout the manufacturing process. Only Nauticam can answer that.

In Topic: Brand new Nauticam 550D housing flooded due to rocker button fault

27 August 2010 - 12:04 PM

IMHO, Nauticam should recall all of the 550D housings issued to date, as I'm assuming, that with enough use (or transport), the screws will loosen, causing a leak, and potentially flooding the camera and lens. When examining the rocker switch in question previously, I did not observe any screws, but I'll check later today when the housing arrives. Fortunately, I've only missed out on taking photos on two dives, and they weren't in the middle of a liveaboard dive trip!

Thanks for the update. Glad to hear the problem was taken care of by the dealer expediently and you have your housing back. It is a pity you had to go through that but at least now, our readers can check for the issue and perhaps avoid it.
Can you please take a pic of the actual area so people know where to look?

In Topic: Brand new Nauticam 550D housing flooded due to rocker button fault

27 August 2010 - 01:06 AM

The dealer tested the housing and determined that the housing was leaking from the rocker switch, and not from the pushbutton shafts located beneath the rocker. A machine screw that holds the rocker key assembly on the housing had backed out with use. The screw was tightened, and immediately the leak stopped. The screw was secured with loctite thread locker to prevent a recurrence (which should have been done at the factory). The housing back was overhauled, replacing the leak detector and corroded parts, pressure testing the housing, and sending it back within 4 days of shipping it from HI to FL! The interior and exterior snap rings are a low-grade stainless that do rust, and I consider this cheap manufacturing (the dealer is replacing these themselves). The dealer picked up shipping costs both ways (second day and overnight shipping)! By the way, to those of you suspecting user error, I've been shooting 125-175 dives per year UW for 9 years, and this is my first major leak, which was not caused by user error.

Hi all,

Our service department handles all of the Nauticam USA warranty claims, and we've had no Nauticam D90, D300s, D700, or 7D returns for leaking control shafts. The piano keys on 7D use a different design, and are no more complicated than any simple pushbutton from a sealing perspective. The rocker key on NA-550 is a new assembly.

As mentioned above, there are tolerance variances from camera to camera that affect control alignment. Nauticam housings have some adjustments available to compensate for these different tolerances; and our service department will be glad to help fine tune a housing for a particular camera if needed. It rarely is.

We are anxious to evaluate the causes of these issues, and will provide whatever after sale support is necessary. We will continue to stand by Nauticam owners.