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In Topic: Heavy Weight Packs on a BCD

06 November 2012 - 09:52 PM

i use a harness have no weight pockets on my buddy jacket, so all weight goes into the harness, there have been couple of times that one of the pockets fell out [user error] so other than putting a couple of weights on my cylinder, which i have done before but felt unsteady, kinda made me feel lopsided, i have all my weigths in one place, read this thread with interest as what has been said makes total sense, anyone got any suggestion on how i can get around this situ of putting all my weights in one basket?

In Topic: Recsea housing for S95 canon

14 April 2012 - 08:42 AM

Mine is also getting alittle corrosion around where the Oring sits. It is basically pitting. It is ashame that they are having such problems as they are such a well built housing overall.
Maybe it is time for us too move onto another housing.

that is exactly where mine is and they have told me it is due to bad maintenance i have told them how i have looked after it and asked them to tell me how i could have done more or better with it but have had no reply, i have used it in less than 50dives and not always in salt water for the cost of these housings i expect them to last better than this...as for moving on to another housing, i paid over 600 for this i just havent the money to buy a new one :P

In Topic: Recsea housing for S95 canon

14 April 2012 - 12:13 AM

Hi guys,
Brian is a good friend of mine so i can fill you in on some details here.
Firstly Brian bought his housing from yuzo kanda. He sent the housing back to yuzo who then sent it on to recsea. They fixed the problem which was the tiny screws inside the front port that screws the port to the housing body. Some of them had come loose so with enough pressure on the port it was moving enough to leak.
Luckily it wasn't too much & Brian was able to get his camera fixed for about $100 from memory. Recsea wouldn't come to the party for his camera at all, even though it was a manufacture problem that caused the flood.
I think they have had a run of issues with these housings which is unfortunate as i have the S90 version of this housing & it has been faultless except for the silly design for attaching a 67mm thread ring to the front, which i subsequently lost & had to replace at $200....
I have now superglued the new one in place.
Hopefully they will sort out there issues as they are a beautiful housing.
Cheers Pete.

mine too leaked thro a loose screw but the one that is attached to the rear wheel on the back door, so it seems none of the screws can be trusted, i now have corrision forming on the rim of the housing just inside opposite the door on the main body, thye say it is bad maintenance but i can not see what else i could have done to look after this housing i have followed their insturctions and i also can not see how corrosion can form so easily on a product when it has done so few dives....i too use to think this was a great housing but not anymore and i have certainly stopped recommending them to ppl who ask me

In Topic: Recsea housing for S95 canon

05 April 2012 - 07:11 AM

Hi all

Has anyone had any problems with Recsea not covering
bad workmanship on their housing for the S95 canon when still under warranty ?

In my case the reason was flooding, due to the port becoming loose from the main part of the housing .

Usually the screws have lock seal liquid put on the screws but not in my case..

All I was asking Recsea to do was pay for the repair of my camera which canon will fix for $160aus

Any thoughts.

Brian Murphy

ive just suffered two leaks first one looks like loose screw on back which turns the back wheel, the second we cant pin point, i have had dry runs since but have totally lost my confidence in this product, it now looks like there is corrosion on the ridge nxt to the o-ring, i just thought it was paintwork coming off, but apparently it doesnt have paint work, have only used the housing for under 50 dives and for the money i expect more than this, i have emails recsea and have had only one reply, they asked me questions but as yet havent responded to my answers, i am really disappointed in this product and will NOT recommend it to anyone. i worked hard to get the money together to pay for this as i wanted someone more robus than the canon housing and in the mean time i have lost two cameras and now not sure what to do bout the housing

In Topic: YS-90 Auto and Batteries

08 March 2012 - 12:29 PM

Weird, the 2500ma batt's should not cause this problem, see this link.

Are you using the small black adapter for the YS-90 strobes or are you plugging directly into the DX-5000 housing? The small black adapter was designed to correct the erratic flash firing problem with the YS-90's.

what is the small black adapter, where does that go as i havent got one with mine????