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In Topic: Are you shooting 30-50-60 FPS?

10 May 2017 - 07:29 PM

I disagree that 1080p will become obsolete very soon. There is plenty of life left in that format. My YouTube stuff is watched more on phones than any other device these days, and only The Six Million Dollar Man or a Sony Xperia salesman can tell the difference between 1080 and 4k on a phone. 1080p on a TV is also quite acceptable to most normal people.

In Topic: Grass Valley Mync - videos and photo catalog and fast edit software

28 April 2017 - 07:52 PM

Thanks. That does look like a useful program.


What I was looking for was a full-blown hierarchical database of media assets, with categories and sub-categories of tag so that I can find my media for example by dive-site+species+format+time-of-day etc.. Sony Creative Software had this with Media Manager, and it worked well, although it could have been better if they had developed it a little. It still works in Magix Vegas Pro but unfortunately the Windows 10 Anniversary update broke it and I don't see any evidence of Magix fixing or developing it. Unfortunately I have 24,000 fully-tagged items in my libraries so it's not easy to switch. Vee-Hive was the nearest thing I could find when I last researched this but will it be there in the long-term and support future formats?

In Topic: GoPro HERO5 underwater

24 April 2017 - 06:50 PM


Hey Nick, did you research on the Sony FDR-3000? I will be getting it. So far the general review said it's better than the goPro 5 because of the Optical IS, and the color. Even the Yi 4K+ is gaining popularity than the goPro. Inon have a lot of accessories for the Sony, so if it's not too late, check out the Sony.


I didn't research the Sony or anything else apart from a quick look at the Olympus TG Tracker. And it's too late. But I'm happy enough with the GoPro so far, for what it is. The microphone adapter "brick" is ridiculous. Shouldn't have got that and should have just stuck with the in-built mics.

In Topic: Anyone happy with their TriPod?

24 April 2017 - 06:44 PM

Follow up question; u guys bring your tripod when going down with a wide angle lens or is it straight macro for yall?

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I have and haven't taken it. If you want lengthy, rock-stable shots for example for stock footage or aquarium/relaxation-style videos then a tripod helps a lot even with a very wide lens. But if you want to be mobile for tracking shots etc. you might want to do without it. Having said that, a rig with a lot of inertia can help smooth out moving shots, and a tripod can play a part in that. The trade off is having to swim harder to push it along. Also, weight at the bottom (tripod) offset by floatation at the top can help your rig's trim by keeping it upright. It's possible to over-do that though, making it difficult to point the rig at other angles.

In Topic: Anyone happy with their TriPod?

23 April 2017 - 07:22 PM


Thank for your post - I thought I was the only one having that issue with tightening the XIT legs but it seems that's just the way they work.

Also I've been using the pan method as you describe for some time now just with the plastic supplied with the base and find that it works well mostlly when a subject moves and you don't want to dick around adjusting the legs.



I'd totally forgotten about that plastic they supplied. I think mine got ripped up and became unstuck very quickly. Don't think it lasted more than 1 trip. By the way the plastic bonded to mine is just cut out of the cover of a folder from a stationery shop.