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Today, 07:55 PM

Thanks Peter. I have emailed prescriptiondivemasks.com with all my details and I'm waiting for their reply. I think we're both planning on an Atomos Shogun atop the GH4 when it's ready and I'm thinking of holding back on a custom mask order as I feel taller bifocal lenses might be preferable because of the height of the rig. What do you think? Are you using a monitor on top of your GH4 at the moment?

In Topic: Help! I'm going blind

Today, 01:03 AM



- Did you get the "bifocal" or "readers" style as per the images on their website?

- Is the rest of the glass around the small lens just plain, or is that also corrected to a lesser extent?

- Did you mark up a lens and send it to them in the USA or did they supply your mask?

- Are you still happy with the mask?




p.s. Going forward I'm not really happy with the Aqualung Look 2 bifocals. The image isn't great, with a bit of chromatic aberration. Also on my radar is the Tusa Liberator Plus with corrective lenses. The whole lens is corrected, rather then just a small part at the bottom. I reckon my distance vision would be acceptable to about +1.5, maybe +2.0 before being too over-corrected.

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15 October 2014 - 03:29 AM


What would I change? Not much. It works well. It'd be great if I had a double-flip adapter so I did not need to take off the +5 and put on the +10 for the really little stuff but that's mainly a Lembeh issue and i may find that the +5 works for most stuff elsewhere.



Peter, are you aware of the Saga Dive Dual Flip Lens Holder 67mm? It would seem to fit the bill.

In Topic: Nauticam Super Macro Converter

15 October 2014 - 03:10 AM


The SMC will work with pretty well any camera, as long as the housing has a 67mm thread to fit it to. Subsee diopters have a 67mm thread too, so the SMC will work with the Subsee (and any other) adapter or port with this this thread size.



I was looking into the possibility of a dual flip holder for the SMC so I could have something like a Subsee +5 in the 2nd flip. The Saga Dive Dual Flip Lens Holder 67mm seemed to fit the bill but I notice near that the bottom of this page they say that the SMC is not compatible with any flip adapters from Saga or Reefnet. So there's obviously more to it than just having a 67mm thread.


If anyone is aware of a dual flip adapter that will hold the SMC and one other filter/diopter, please let me know!

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20 September 2014 - 09:26 PM

Wetpixel member Jon Shaw does good work and I've noticed he offers training. He'd be on my list. Probably means going to Australia though (right Jon?).