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In Topic: Locline. Does it always creak?

20 May 2015 - 02:11 AM

Nick, why you want to adapt Gorillapod and not use simple locline parts? Are they different?

Because of the noise! They creak (not "crack") when you move them like a very loud door in a haunted house. Fellow divers don't like it and some marine life doesn't either.


Locline is hollow. Gorillapod is solid and doesn't creak.

In Topic: Warna berwarna Raja Ampat by GH4

19 May 2015 - 10:47 AM

Looks great Nu. Please remind me what photo style you're using on your GH4. For example those clips at 0:41 and 1:50 (assuming they are GH4, not 7D).

In Topic: Locline. Does it always creak?

19 May 2015 - 09:56 AM

What brand of clamps do you have? I know I-Das had problem, ULCS clamps are great. If your clamp/arm flop due to aging, I think it's time to change the O-ring because they no long give enough cushion for the clamp to grip. Have you try replace the O-ring on the arm using this?

They're Nauticam. I don't think that changing the O-ring will make much difference. They still seem pretty fresh. But I'll get hold of some next time I visit the shop. I'll also try and check out some ULCS clamps. Maybe the original is the best.

In Topic: Locline. Does it always creak?

19 May 2015 - 09:52 AM

Davide, as I recall (it's been a while), my Locline perhaps got stiffer with age, not floppier. It was my early plastic Gorillapod light arms that got gradually floppy.


I've never had Locline crack, despite a lot of use.


I'm tempted to try again to adapt Gorillapod for use as light arms, but I've read that the aluminium one snaps after a while in seawater use, and non-umbilical lights have nothing to save them from the abyss. I've also read that more recent plastic Gorillapod doesn't go floppy like my old one, so that might be an option. Making connectors for the ends is the difficult part.

In Topic: Locline. Does it always creak?

19 May 2015 - 08:01 AM

Are you asking me Davide? Before what becomes floppy?