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29 August 2010 - 11:59 PM

I'm in the same position searching for a reliable, decent underwater point & shoot.

I've previously owned a Pentax Optio W60, which was a pretty good starter. Easy to carry around & keep in pocket, not too difficult to get decent quality shots while snorkelling. It lasted about a year & then broke, but I used it a lot in the water, so I got my use out of it.

I then bought a Pentax W90 & I cant recommend that camera at all. In comparison to the W60 the pictures are undersaturated, it was difficult to capture anything in focus & it broke twice. In fact I only managed 1 session in the water before it broke, both times.
The first time, new camera, about 1 hour in the water it broke. The replacement managed about 3 hours of use before the same problem killed it. I was fuming since i saw several turtles that day & didnt manage to get as many pics as I would have liked.
Just thought to mention, i didnt dive with the W90 just snorkelling & diving under a bit, maybe 2 meters max.

So I have ordered a Canon D10 with the hope of it being more durable. Not sure if i have made the best choice, but it doesnt seem like there is a lot of choice for these type of cameras anyway.

A friend recommended the Olympus STYLUS TOUGH-8010, but I was unable to find it locally.