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In Topic: Devils in the sky at Cannibal rock,Komodo by GH4

16 September 2015 - 07:35 PM

Great video Nu, amazing that they hung out for so long! 


For Vimeo, if you sign up with a VPN such as Tunnelbear or GoTrusted or any of a number of others you can then access Vimeo

Thanks Mike!Last week we didn't see them again at the dive site but they still jumping around in the horseshoe bay.

Thanks for the trick for Vimeo.I will try that :)

In Topic: Devils in the sky at Cannibal rock,Komodo by GH4

16 September 2015 - 05:51 PM

Hi Nu,

Wow, what a great opportunity. Cannibal Rock is always a great dive but usually for Macro. You were lucky to be there when those rays arrived and also lucky to see them as it's usually a dive of intense focus towards the rock rather than out in the blue (actually, I should say "out in the green").

But, can I give you 3 pieces of advice.

1. Do some more color correction work on the footage. You have some reddish - purple in the highlights from the surface. With some careful secondary color correction, you should be able to pull that out.

2. Cut the yawning frog fish. This is what I call the "self-editors dilemma": you shot something interesting so you want to get it into the final cut, even though it has nothing to do with the storyline. An editor would chop it because it distracts from the story. The audience wonders what is the connection with the Rays. Is it yawning because the dive was boring before the Rays arrived? You get the point? No matter how much you love that shot, if it is not relevant to the story, it ends up on the cutting room floor. Maybe you can use it in a different story about yawning fish.

3. Don't use YouTube for quality footage. I'm sure that what you uploaded to YT looks great but their lousy compression ruins it. Especially bad in open water footage like this. Lots of ugly compression artefacts. Vimeo is better - not great, but better.

But, otherwise, great stuff!


Hi Peter,


Thank you so much for your useful advice I really appreciated that.I just need all good advice like this.All of your advice straight to the point and really useful.

About the YouTube,I accepted that I don't really satisfied about video compression from YouTube.I do have Vimeo account but now the problem is it's banned in Indonesia.

That's very frustrating for me.When you work and live in Indonesia and can't access to Vimeo website that I paid for Pro account.I just hope that they will cancel this policy later.


Thanks again for your advice.





In Topic: Showreel

16 July 2015 - 03:40 PM

Awesome work!!!
Love the little mermaid :)

In Topic: It's not about the equipments, Komodo National Park Dive Trip June 2015

16 June 2015 - 02:50 PM

Thanks for sharing Pak Bona.It's my pleasure to join the fantastic trip in Komodo with you.
Your work is nicely done also.I love to see you keep shooting and sharing stuff more and more.
I just got a chance to do this everyday so I've done lots of trial and error.

When you got a chance to scouted around the divesite often you'll learn to positioned yourself to get your designed shot.

Nothing can compare with learning by doing.Hope you enjoyed your time filming underwater and look forward to see your work more and more.


Hi folks,


Just got back from a LOB with KM BlackManta and I though I share some of my experience and the video clip I took from the trip.


I'm fortunate that another member from this forums also joint as an onboard videographer/photographer of the company, Nu Parnupong. He posted here from time to time and I hope he don't mind I posted a link to his video during our trip as comparison to mine  :bye:


I learn lot from Nu and, since both our equipment are the same (GH4 in Nauticam housing with 7-14 most of the time), sometime is frustrating that I couldn't get the same footage as his. I have just 70 dive logs before my trip to Komodo, and I though it was enough to handle the Komodo's current while shooting. It just not the case. Bellow are some of the observation I learnt during the trip:


1. My footage is less stable. Bear in mind we both shoot the same GH4, without IS. Yet almost 80% I say mine was shaky. I considered my buoyancy control is ok, but not in the current filled water of Komodo.


2. We shoot WA most of the time, and Nu's clip can get up close and personal with the object. I used hook most of the time but I observed that Nu were free and somehow can manage the current to his advantage. Case in point was where we shooting Manta at Karang Makasar (Manta on the Moon), the current were about 3-4 knots, while I was fighting with one hand on the hook and the other on the camera Nu was free roaming and get close and personal with the Manta. My footage was just side view of the manta swimming in the current  :pardon:


3. I think my WB setting were OK, I used manual WB with white slate and adjust them depending on the depth. GH4 is easy for changing WB. :lightbulb:


4. The back focus in GH4 is fantastic!  GH4 UW focusing is as easy as 1-2-3  :B):


Can't wait for my next trip to R4 later this year, and as they used to say: It's not the equipments! But the man behind it!


Anyhow without further a do, here's my clip and thanks for reading my rambling above:


And here's Nu's video took at the same trip:








In Topic: Warna berwarna Raja Ampat by GH4

31 May 2015 - 04:10 PM


Hi Nu, I have the same setup. How do you use the magic filter with the 7-14? I've searched the forum and found that one need to replace the back of the lens like one on the 8mm fish eye but I'm looking for other alternative. 


I've had been using the magic filter with my previous setup (RX100ii) and really pleased with the result, but have not use them after upgrading to GH4.



I just use the simple way cut the filter followed the shape of lens buttom and  just use the thin tape stick it with the lens.I didn't know that you can replace the lens bayonet like the one on 8mm fisheye.Please let me know if you know how's it work?

GH4 definitely need magic filter for manual white balance :)


Hi Nu,


So nice to meet you here.  Amazing video!



Thank you so much bro Edward.Thanks for your great product to support my work.
Look forward to catch you up and Phoebe in HK.