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In Topic: advice needed on buying new video set up

28 January 2013 - 01:40 PM

Thanks intercepter121 i will bear all youve said in mind
i just assumed you lived in the states cos of referance to dollars and stuff, sorry about that

In Topic: advice needed on buying new video set up

24 January 2013 - 02:47 PM

hi intercepter121
thanks very much for your input
this is what im up against ive gone through your footage again and it is very good, so i went through a clip of my 10 year old vid cam and its good...not as good as yours... so im thinking if a compact cam can do your footage at this time then surely a dedicated vid cam will do even better!
unfortuanatley i think you must live in the states so i would have import duty if i bought your rig so i might as well buy it here in the uk if that was the way i would go
also like i said earlier i am an amateur stick it on auto, bit of WB and away i go, all this iso, apertures, shutter speeds i just understand abit and thats all so after researching all this stuff my head is all over the place, i want to dive and take video not do a BBC production but i appreciate your replies and its certainly opened my eyes to what these compacts can do
maybe ive gone on the wrong forum you guys are pros and im abit out of my depth

having said that maybe someone could point me in the right direction re shops/stores in the UK where i could buy this stuff
i only know camaras underwater
and L&M as far as i know have no presence in the UK now

In Topic: advice needed on buying new video set up

23 January 2013 - 01:45 PM

What is your budget? That will be a big deciding factor.

hi bluefacemanta the HD wave + a cx730e would come in at about £3000
i really need something small as in terms of weight but powerful in terms of video ie decent
can anyone suggest such a set up im open to all ideas new or old

In Topic: advice needed on buying new video set up

23 January 2013 - 01:39 PM

I recommend you have a read at my blog for the RX100 http://interceptor121.wordpress.com

According to what people say the video are better than most single chip camcorders check on the channel http://www.youtube.com/interceptor121

I am actually selling my RX100 rig with Nauticam housing if you are interested as well

By the way did you talk to the shop in London on the embankment?

Hi intercepter
excellant blog, however from what you say the RX100 is not so good on the macro stuff and really thats what i really require, also the zoom on a wide angle, so it looks like that might be out
i have only spoken to camaras underwater in devon i dont know about the london shop on the embankment..have you got a name for it?

In Topic: Member introductions

22 January 2013 - 01:38 PM

hello guys and girls
i am interested in video
, come from freezing yorkshire UK
been diving 16 years and still loving it