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advice needed on buying new video set up

22 January 2013 - 02:20 PM

Hi there
i will try to keep this short..ish
have had a trv 950e in an amphibico dive buddy hsg for 8 yrs its been a good un, unfortunatly its gone to the watery grave on my last trip to Komodo, the plus side is the insurance paid out
so the market has progressed some what in the last few years and i was looking at a new HD wave (aquatica/amphibico) hsg with a sony HDR LX730E ...however when a rang up a well known dealer in the UK he started banging on that the new compacts were just as good at taking HD video as the dedicated video cams and are cheaper and the vid cam market is as good as dead...im not so sure
the camaras he was talking about are
Canon powershot S110 in a canon hsg or recsea or ikelite i would purchase lenses/diopters as well as a sola photo 1200 he said the WB is good on these
a sony RX100 with ikelite or recsea he said WB abit complicated and not as good, would purchase lenses as above
a sony NEX7 with nauticam hsg
so my questions are...
are compacts as good as a dedicated video?
how do you keep these small compacts still?
ive seen footage from them but they seem to blur abit on fast subjects and i dont think the zoom is big enough 3.6x ?
if i got the HD wave and cam can i buy diopters etc to get closer to pigmys etc?
i am a total amateur in this i just take footage for myself then edit it on dvd and show to friends etc but i do want it to look good
if you have suggestions for a set up im all ears
i was ready to buy a HD wave then he told me about the compacts and the fact they haven't sold a wave in 2years has just put my mind into turmoil cos even tho im an amateur i also want the best i can afford
i have a budget in my mind but like everything that will prob go out the window!!
i do at least 3 big 2-3 week trips a year so it will get used for about 100 dives a year
many thanks