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In Topic: Universal VidDSRL housing

06 October 2010 - 03:17 AM

I know that's been done quite a few times. In BBC's Planet Earth and Life series for starters. I'm just interested in shooting in high speed drive at 8fps with the 7D and wondering if it's possible with the remote button and how it works.

hi, of course, if you preset the shooting in high speed drive, when you press the button you have shooting in high speed drive.
The shooting work with the standard remote control, he not work with USB, inside the housing you have 2 cable, 1 for usb for change the function and the 2 for the remote control of shotting.

best regards

In Topic: Universal VidDSRL housing

05 October 2010 - 08:44 AM

Hi Lorysub
Can you post an underwater still photo using the dome with the 30mm extension and dome? I don't doubt you but the physics seem to say otherwise for clean corners. Even their own video has soft corners. In my experience with the 16-35 II, it needs a 57-60mm extension to get the nodal point to the right place.

hi tomorrow we send the pictures, but for the distance depends of the position of the lens of the camera!
but if you prefer we think there other extention.

In Topic: Universal VidDSRL housing

05 October 2010 - 12:25 AM

Hi Lory,
Did you tried to shoot some video with it?
How are the results?

Drew pointed out that the video we saw seems to have the border a little bit soft.
Is it a problem of the dome used? So which dome do you use and which lens?

How is its weight underwater? And the balance?

Could you post some photos of your setup?

Sorry for my english too :)

Hi the housing it is very easy, and also the function.
we go to realize a picture of my housing and then we go to post
I use the 5D MK II with 16-35mm with extention 30 and Dome port without problem
Best regards

In Topic: Universal VidDSRL housing

04 October 2010 - 04:56 AM

But using an external monitor means that you are using live view, that might be good for video but is not so good for still pictures.

Hi, sorry for my english.
I have un Housing LEO II for use with CANON EOS 5D MK II, with 2 remote control.
This housing is Super!!!
we have the Easyfinder and we have not a problem for use.
with this housing I have this control:

Right control:
1) autofocus/shutter
2) only autofocus
3) Shutter priority +
4) Shutter priority -
5) Diaphgram priority +
6) Diaphgram priority -
7) button 3+4: Iso change

Left control:
1) on/off Live view
2) rec/stand-by
3) preset WB
4) Autofocus
5) Manual Focus +
6) manual focus -

for any question do not esitate to write me!
best regards