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In Topic: Universal VidDSRL housing

10 October 2010 - 09:40 AM

Hi Drew,
I've understand.
Here the photo shot in that situation to compare... the vignette with defocus is there....
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In Topic: Universal VidDSRL housing

06 October 2010 - 08:48 AM

For Drew,

hi, thanks for welcome...

yes, the "vignete" is a problem that probably I have unwittingly caused... the reason is that I've battery pack too large and the "black fly light protection" of the doom, normaly are positioned UP and DOWN... now down was too down for my battery pack and I've moved LEFT and RIGHT....

In the monitor I've seen everything clean.. but in full frame it's perceptible, as you notice...

With right battery pack and "black fly" UP and DOWN probably it will be ok...

The back stage shooting was been in different sections...

I verify next test and I'll share it.

Thanks a lot


In Topic: Universal VidDSRL housing

05 October 2010 - 02:39 PM

Hi everybody, I'm the filmaker that has used the Leo with Canon 5D. The author of 5 minutes about Leo.
I'm not only an underwater filmmaker, I'm using the 5D for over 2 years in external shooting, and I think to know some tricks about it.
I'm a professional cameraman and I could answer in useful mode about video, not the same about photos, I like a lot shooting photos, but I play with still and I work with video...

Some considerations:

The external monitor is really useful, but it's poor quality compared to back display of 5D, so it's important to check always the focus and it's not easy with external one.
I've forced Easydive to add the monitor, because I'm used to video housing, but the quality of custom Canon Display is really better. And the problem is that it's not possible to have both. I think because the video OUT of 5D is not so good.. composite.. probably HDMI could be better, but not in HD, because Canon has interdict this option (HD HDMI OUT, only HDMI SD OUT)

I usually use M mode (manual) then I put the shutter to 50 and move the ires to have a correct exposure... that's why the progressive scan make a strobo movement if too hight, so 50 shutter is close to 25 frame for second that is PAL standard.
Then let you have more deep of field, and in water, where is not so easy to have always the correct focus, it could be useful.

The "best" optic is 16-35... but I've tryed the 100 mm macro and it's really amazing... but only for particular use.. (macro)

The full frame and quality of 5D is amazing... and the feeling is similar to BBC Planet Earth production.. and with a 1500 Euros camera is not so obvious.

The camera sensibility (in my experiments I have set 400 ISO) permits you to use not so strong lights.. normally with video cameras we have 250 W x 2 halogen, here the leds could be enough, but in the 2 minutes about Leo I have used 2 75 W HID.

The software now is ok, after some release it is like the situation of the camera connected to a laptop by USB cable.

I hope these could be useful indications for now...