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19 March 2014 - 08:15 PM

But... But...

In Topic: Sony Rx100 Housing Choice

16 January 2014 - 02:43 AM

I did called them up and ask if it's advisable to put the h100 on there..They tell me come on down to their shop and take a look myself.. So I guess I will go and take a look

Went to take a look... It's really too heavy for a h100 even without a dome. They themselves also do not advise from doing it with a h100

In Topic: Sony Rx100 Housing Choice

14 January 2014 - 03:09 PM


I mean the moisture sensor, not the fancy vacuum sensor.


I don't know where you normally dive, but different area you get different service. In Indonesia, yes most dive crew hand your camera to you. In Thailand liveaboard, I back flip into water because we mostly use dinghy and if the current is not strong, yes the one person screw hand me my camera. In one of the dive in Thaisland, the current was so strong, we jump off the live aboard with our camera and decent very quickly. 5 seconds into the water I was already 20 feet away from the boat.


If you dive in US, you're on your own, they don't have nice camera shelf like many boats in Indonesia, they only have one bucket for all camera gear. So good luck dipping your rig in the bucket share with many people and things get scratch or knock off. I learn a couple months ago that some people have their own flexible cooler bag to put their camera in, so no rinsing until they get back to land to avoid mishandle by crew or other divers.


Bottom line, expect the worse situation that it's being handle, whether it's by the crew, your dive buddy etc.


then really this magnet thing might not be for u... :)

if i were u.. and i still need to backroll, jump and stuff constantly into the water... i really would carry all these lens in another 'bag' or pouch.  then jump in without any lens..

In Topic: Sony Rx100 Housing Choice

14 January 2014 - 12:50 AM

I did called them up and ask if it's advisable to put the h100 on there.. They tell me come on down to their shop and take a look myself.. So I guess I will go and take a look

In Topic: Sony Rx100 Housing Choice

13 January 2014 - 03:32 PM

For the price of the aqupazza, you're better off get the Nauticam as it has leak detector.
I'm not sold on the idea of the magnet, at least it's not mainstream and proven. There is no mention of how many lb pull is the magnet, so if one do a back flip entrance into the water, would the magnet hold up?
Lens holder on arm would be an issue and become expensive. The 67mm lens holder is already expensive, if you add the male portion of the magnet on the arm lens holder, the cost add up and how can you assure that it won't come off and lose your lens if it get knock off or the crew that handle your camera are not being careful?
Lastly, it will be a pain to stack macro lens. I personally have a +5 and +7 diopter, and I'm sure many divers have more than 1 diopter for macro photography. If you attach a magnet holder on each diopter, it drive cost up and when you try to stack them, you will in crease the space in between them and make them more challenge to use. Just something to consider.

nauticam for RX100MKII has a leak detector??  


backflip entry with a camera in hand.. no...never...


u have to tell the crew what is you set up when u have expensive diving equipment.. and how you want it to be handled.  but i tot you backroll with you camera anyway!  why do you care how its handled :) kee kee.


well.. logic plays a part.. if u going to stack.. then u really have to be careful right... in the beginning.  i am going to stack by screwing on the new lens on top of the other.... 


the magnet give you an option of an quick switch from maybe a +10 to an +5+

A wide angle lens with M67 thread for the Sony weights around 330 grams or 21 Ounces in water
I would not trust a magnet for something that is expensive

Maybe for the wide angle lens ... It can be a bit heavy...