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In Topic: Wide angle lens selection and accessories for new Sony setup

21 November 2017 - 02:45 AM

Nauticam has updated the Port system chart for their housing for A7rii and A9 in September this year.
for the Sony 16-35 f/4, the 180mm dome port (Nauticam #18809) ist still in the chart but now, the 230mm dome port (Nauticam #18812) is now "most optimized dome port...
Have a look here : https://drive.google...WQwZ1ZOVmM/view
Most important question : how do you do your own focusing gear?

3d printing... I have not 'dive' into making one.. as it's an option not a must since I already have a 16-35

In Topic: Wide angle lens selection and accessories for new Sony setup

21 November 2017 - 01:43 AM

Hi Wolf Eel
Using the 16-35 f4, initially with the "previously" recommended 180mm Dome Port. I have changed it to the 230mm Dome port, and corner sharpness has dramatically improved.
Hence i am not sure investing 2000$ in the 2.8 G version is worth it... And i mostly shoot WA between f8 and f14...
That being said, (and i mentioned "previously") Nauticam has updated the dome/lens chart last September. See on their website. They now recommend as best optin the 230 Dome port, yet, the 180 is still on the chart.
Re the manual lens : what kind of focus gear do you use? Nauticam does not list any focusing gear for manual lens...
Is there any "universal" gear that one can use?

230mm dome is for the Canon 16-35? The Sony ones are still 180mm recommend...

Manual lens... I am making my own... Or I will shoot infinity.. heheh.. have yet to try underwater...

Oh!! U are right... Base on the chart...it has changed!! The web 'find a port' is not updated!!!

In Topic: Wide angle lens selection and accessories for new Sony setup

20 November 2017 - 04:47 AM

Probably piggy back on this.. anyone seen the port & extension for Sony 16-35f2.8? Nauticam only has the 16-35 f4 ...
Maybe not a big deal as f4 is plenty ....

Am just curious...

I have the N120 180mm dome and other port and extension. Work really well for the 16-35f4... And also was able to fix a 12mm manual lens in it well.


16 November 2017 - 02:45 AM

I am using fiber optic cables, so im of the belief it doesnt come into play. At least i cant find a setting on my camera that relates to this.....

Well.. it does....
So what is your shutter speed and aperture

In Topic: Best Vacuum System for DSLR Housing

02 November 2017 - 08:33 PM

Hi. You won;t regret getting the leak sentinal. To be honest I prefer the leak sentinal  over the Nauticam unit (I currently use Nauticam as it came with my new gear) - primarily because it can be set well before the dive and put into standby and turned back off without opening the housing. With the nauticam you must open the housing to turn off the switch which can mean the unit stays on longer than you want.
I am more than happy to recommend the creator of leak sentibal --- Miso --- and his product, I live in remote Vanuatu and frankly Miso has been terrific to deal with ! Cheers John