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For Sale: Brand new OTS transceiver and surface kit

30 September 2014 - 05:15 PM

This is a brand new system and was used on one dive last week. 

Works perfectly when communicating with another OTS system.


Need to let it go in order to fund some other more needed equipment.


Aquacom SSB-2010,4 channel transceiver (5 watts output power)

The Aquacom® SSB-2010 transceiver is a 5 watt, multichannel single sideband underwater telephone designed with Professional Search & Rescue Teams in mind. The Aquacom® SSB-2010 can be configured to operate with virtually any style full face mask (FFM) or mouth mask. With the addition of a CDK-6 Surface Accessory Kit, the Aquacom® SSB-2010 is easily converted into a portable surface station.

Standard features are: Voice Operated Transmitter (VOX), Push-to-talk control (PTT), Squelch, 4 channels, Earphone volumes, Voice menu (the user can adjust the SSB-2010 underwater via the voice menu), removable transducer, and heavy duty design.




CDK-6 Surface Conversion Kit

The CDK-6 Surface Accessory Kit is designed to convert an SSB-2010, SSB-2001B-2, or SSB-1001B into a portable surface station. After a quick and easy installation, you can talk to other divers and/or surface stations within range and on the same channel.

The Kit consists of a deluxe headset with boom microphone (THB-13) with a built in Push-to-talk (PTT) control, and a 55' transducer cable (TC-35S) including connectors. Once installation has been completed, you may control the dive unit via the PTT control and may modify your settings for VOX/PTT mode, squelch, earphone volume, and channel.



The SSB-2010 usually sells for $1165.00 USD

The CDK-6 kit usually sells for $649.00 USD

Total $1814.00 for the package.


I am willing to let it go for $1500.00 USD.


PM me if you are interested.


Picture can be seen here.