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First try at remote strobes for wreck photography

02 September 2013 - 04:25 AM

Hello all,


I have always liked pictures using creative lighing positions for wrecks.

I thought I would give it a try yesterday.  First time shooting strobes remotely. About my second year in photography.

Looking for input on some camera settings and strobe positioning for situations with challenging visibility.


- location - St. Lawrence River , Ontario

- Wreck - Eastcliffe Hall

- visibilty - not the greatest 15 max

- depth 65 feet


- Canon 7D - Tokina 11-16 - 8 inch dome

- 2 X Sea and Sea YS-D1

- triggered optically by using a 50 ft optical synch cable and slaving the second strobe off of the first.

Settings for this shot:

ISO 160





Strobes were positioned in opposite ends of the overturned bridge/superstructure.


Again looking for input on strobe positions and camera settings. Also, most of the time there is some particulate in the water. When it gets colder the visibility starts to get much better.

Here is a link the some other pictures on the same dive.

Gallery link


Thanks in advance.






For Sales : i-Torch Video Pro 3 (pair)

09 August 2013 - 10:13 PM

I have a pair of i-Torch Video Pro 3 .

Used on a recent trip to Truk and that is it.

These are great video or focus lights.

I bought the Video 3 because I wanted to use my rechargeable AA batteries that I use for my strobes.

These are black anodized.

The also come with diffusers.


Looking for $200 each plus shipping (at cost).


Please PM me if you are interesed.





Switch: Tacticle push button on rear cap

O-ring: Double O-ring 

Size: 135mmx62mm (head) x47mm (body)

Weight: 300g/10.6 oz.

Battery: 4 x AA

Burn time: 1.5 to 10 hours (depends on brightness and batteries)

Lumen: 650 Lumens


Beam angle: 80 degrees

Mode: 1/4, 1/2, full, RED



Any tips on where to dive on the Sunshine Coast - Australia

20 January 2013 - 07:49 PM

Going to be visiting wife's family for a few weeks in Feb. for our yearly trip.

Will be spending a week based in Mooloolaba, then a few days in Byron (dive Julian Rocks), and then Sydney area (HMAS Adelaide).

Plan on taking my new Canon 7D , Aquatica, with Tokina wide angle (ambient light) to practice.

Will probably do a few photo dives on the HMAS Brisbane. Any recommendations on dive operators?
Any other recommendations on other dives spots on the Sunshine coast.

Any info or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


For sale: Aquatica T2i/550D housing and camera body

27 December 2012 - 06:42 AM

Hate to do it, but up for sale is my Aquatica T2i housing only and T2i camera body only . No Aquaview, dome, extension rings, or lenses.
Just the housing and camera body.
Housing is setup with dual optical and with Aquatica moisture alarm.

Both are coming on 2 years old. Lightly used.
Very well taken care of. No scratches and only used in fresh water. Never touched saltwater.
Camera is mint and was never used outside of the housing.
All original boxes.

I had this setup with a Tokina 11-16 and 8 inch dome and Aquaview . It took great wide angle wreck photos. Also took some very nice video. the link below shows some of my shots in the St.Lawrence River and Lake Ontario.
The T2i has a similar sized sensor as its bigger (and more expensive) brother the 7D.
All of my shots were ambient light and it functioned flawlessly.

I was a beginner UW photographer and this served me very very well. Looking to move up to another system (Santa was good to me).
For a full DSLR setup it is also nice small package for traveling.

Sorry for the iphone pics. I can take other pictures of the system if you like. Any questions please let me know.

Looking for:
T2i/550D housing - $1500
Camera body - $350

Plus shipping.
Located in Ontario, Canada


T2i or 7d or 5d - Help me pick!!!

20 December 2012 - 04:35 PM

I currently have a T2i with Aquatica housing and Tokina 11/16.
I love the setup and it has been great.
I am in New York for a long weekend and I am thinking about purchasing/moving up to a 7d or possibly and nice used 5d .

My primary photography is wreck photos in the Great Lakes. So far I have only shot with ambient light (which I like).
I would like to contiinue to do the same in the future. Lowlight performance is very key for me.

I could really use some suggestions or comments. This site has been great and has been what got me the bug.

Do I move up to the 7d or 5d? I believe I can use my current lenses from the T2i with 7d which is a plus.

Any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated.