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A minor detail question re. Ikelite bulkheadconnectors.

25 July 2012 - 05:13 AM

Hi y'all =)

Im making a little waterproof box connector where i have a ikelite bulkhead (http://ikelite.com/w...s/ics_conn.html, part #9104.55) and going to mount it into a peli waterproof case. Now i'm wondering, will the o-ring seal on the bulkhead work well with the plastic of the case or should i put a threaded metal plate inbetween (and epoxy it so it's sealed to the peli case)? Thought you guys have probably done things like this already so why not ask =)

The thing im doing btw is to sync a Pocketwizard (inside the peli case) with the camera housing. The electronics and everything works so far just curious about how to get the best seal, even though the actual case will be surface or even above water. I'd rather not accidentally drag it down and drown the pocketwizard if i can avoid it.


Woohoo finally in the water. First underwater shoot. (Model, but it should be SFW =)

07 July 2012 - 10:13 AM

Got my underwater housing in January, and yesterday was the first time i managed to get a model brave enough to dare the icy waters of 18C Swedish summer lake ;D Murky, dark, and about 1 meter viz but everything worked like a charm. Canon EOS 5D mk2 in Ikelite housing, 17-40 F4L and a DS51 strobe set to TTL.

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First shoot, definately not the last. Got next weekend booked already ;D