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In Topic: Panasonic GH4 Settings for Underwater

12 January 2018 - 06:40 AM

Thank you Luftu,


I couldn't find the original vlog topic at first. Then with google I found it: http://wetpixel.com/...showtopic=56300


ATM I cannot edit 4K because my main machine is under total rework.


Thanks again 

In Topic: IS IT WORTH IT? GH5s - No Stabilization

10 January 2018 - 08:23 AM

I think you’re way off Davide, and frankly come off as annoying.
If your noise tolerance is higher than everybody else’s well then good for you, really. But the rest of us are looking for as clean footage as possible, surely u can dive at any depth and illumate your subject with lights but that’s not the issue.. the issue is with shooting deep ambient light video where lights just won’t be able to reach (i.e most hammerhead and the likes kind of dives)
Didn’t know an “avarage joe” wasn’t allowed to care about the quality of his footage from his 15-20k$ Setup.

Lastly, talking about topside lighting here is totally irrelevant.
Just my 2 cents..

Hence show me a deep ambient light video that it isn't worth using for you.
It's 2017 and most of the camera are capable of clean ISO 1250. A GH5 even ISO 1600. The point is that we are speaking of the top gear for this market segment. Even a Sony A7 won't give you completely different results. In fact Vimeo and Youtube are full of "Frankenstein vs Wolfman" style video. So probably you have to go up one step up ($$$) to get something different in quality term.
Sorry I annoyed you. I'll go back to film bushes (in low light, of course).



In Topic: IS IT WORTH IT? GH5s - No Stabilization

10 January 2018 - 03:28 AM

Ok, we steered from IBIS to high iso/low light capabilities :)


Sorry to be a bit rude on this I think "noise at high ISO" is a debate since the camcorder was invented. Actually IMHO a moot point. We are discussing of scrren doors on a submarine!


Please define e x a c t l y what is your definition of noise. Please give me a real example, a link to a clip useless because of high iso noise.


Since I started filming underwater I read countless posts, articles on this topic. Whatever camera you pick, there will be always someone who find high iso unacceptable. Based on internet pixel peepers opinion we would have ZERO movie/documentary produced since the invention of Netscape because quality is not enough. This is demonstrated and documented by bazillion of bushes filmed on the backyard.


I wrote this provoking post  after reading this comment "And yet 20-year-old film students who don't know how to light still complain because the camera is grainy in low light" on this thread:




This is the source:



90% of my video are shot below 70m and since my GH1 I never complained about noise. I'm simply easy-going about it. I go down and shoot. Noise is the last of my problems. 

Regardless of own noise tolerance, reading this thread an average joe is under the impression that modern camera are useless in low light.


Byeeeee  :deadhorse:

In Topic: GH5S Rumours...

09 January 2018 - 03:13 AM

Yes, you cannot have it all.

Ad I wrote in another thread, pro video camera don't have IBIS.
It has a 10MP sensor so it means that it has 1:1 sensor pixel / video pixel.
Moreover a cooler sensor hence lower noise.

In Topic: IS IT WORTH IT? GH5s - No Stabilization

09 January 2018 - 12:49 AM

Hi Mike,


It would be better discuss this on the video & gear sub-forum cause this on is more targeted on photography so probably you will get more in topic replies there...

Anyway. This is a pro video camera. While it comes out form Panasonic consumer division it shares a lot of features with Pana EVA camera.

Pro video cameras don't have IBIS.

Camera IBIS it's not a firmware feature or upgrade. It's an hardware feature so you will not get it via a sw upgrade.

There is a valid reason they did not equipped this video camera with IBIS: sensor temperature. In layman's term, in body image stabilization on these beast is obtained physically moving the lens or the sensor.

This brings two problems: AF performance issues and higher sensor temperature (ask Sony about camera temperature while recording high bitrate at 4K).

As you can see from specs and test in both cases the GH5s perform better than Gh5. Af is better because sensor is steady and sensor is cooler which means bigger DR/cleaner image.


Finally, IS IT WORTH IT?


Nothing personal. Actually I see on the net thousand of nouvelle Christopher Nolan and Howard Hall that cannot express themselves without no less than a Red.

Basically if you have a Gopro, a used GH4 kit is for you and for 90% of us. If you have the budget or you are a gadget-addicted (like me) go for a GH5.